Snail Bob

Snail Bob GameSnail Bob is a colorful and very interesting game that is popular all over the world. Playing this game is a favorite pastime not for just kids, but also teenagers and grown-ups because Snail Bob offers you the gameplay you have never viewed before. So, as you might already guessed that the game is about snail called Bob. When I first found this game I wondered, how a game about snail can be cute, but as soon as I played the game I became sure that it will be my favorite game and I will spend many great hours playing it. So, what’s the game about ? Snail Bob is a puzzle game with elements of physics. The main character is traveling through different places and have to keep away from obstacles on his way. This game requires some skills to achieve success.








Player can control the snail by stopping or resuming it or changing the direction and that's all. All other actions have to made on the stage. For example, in some levels you will have to active the special bridge systems in order to achieve your goals, while in other levels you must think outside the box to find a solution. If you manage to reach the final tube, you win the level and move to the next one, if not - start from the beginning. Remember that a lot of obstacles are waiting for our little friend - snail bob and you are the only friend who can help him.

All versions of Snail Bob games are very colorful and very interesting. They all have plot, for example in one of the version Snail is going to find his father, while in other he is searching for his wife. You can enjoy all the versions of Snail Bob Game at our website for free. Have a great time with us.

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