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VMware is the leader in Virtualization and Cloud Computing technologies and also providing solutions in the field of network and desktop virtualization. VMware has changed the tech world from physical to software-based virtual world. Due to the implementation of a virtual environment to consolidate the available hardware, the demands of subject matter experts are increasing day by day in the market.

VMware Interview Questions

Here you can access and discuss Multiple choice questions and answers for various compitative exams and interviews. Take a quick online test. Attempt a small test to analyze your preparation level. The questions asked in this NET practice paper are from various previous year papers. Toggle navigation.

There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. What is Hypervisor? What is VMware vSphere? What is vCenter? What is NFS? What is RDM?

Ans: Virtualization is a concept in which dozen of different machines such as a server, storage device, network device, etc. It also helps in providing different machines for confidentiality, integrity, and availability by using secure configurations. Generally, a virtualization manager is used for managing different machines. Ans: It is a concept of analyzing the data and present it into the more informational format without worrying about the sources and format of data. Virtual Machine VM is an emulator for hosting the desktops, web server, database server, network devices, etc. Containers are useful for deploying software applications.

VMware Interview Questions

VMware provides different applications and software for virtualization. VMware products are categorized into two levels, desktop applications, and Server applications. A hypervisor is a program that enables multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host. The hypervisor controls the resources and host processor, allocating what is required for each operating system in turn and make sure that the guest operating system cannot disrupt each other. VMware DRS stands for Distributed Resource Scheduler; it dynamically balances resources across various host under a cluster or resource pool. It enables users to determine the rules and policies which decide how virtual machines deploy resources, and these resources should be prioritized to multiple virtual machines.

Virtualization is the technique to create virtual resources. These virtual resources include servers, memory, network and OS. Operating system virtualization is the use of software that drives a piece of hardware to run multiple operating system images at the same time. The process of Virtualization has sprinted across networks, devices data, etc. This allows for greater flexibility, control, and isolation by removing the dependency on a given hardware platform.

Top 80 VMware Interview Questions & Answers

Q:1 What is Virtualization? Virtualization is dis-associating the tight bond between software and hardware. Some of them are listed below :.

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20 Linux Virtualization Interview Questions and Answers

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20 Linux Virtualization Interview Questions and Answers

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Q1. Mention the types of virtualization? Answer: Types of Virtualization are as follows: User Virtualization; Application Virtualization; Hardware virtualization.

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