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Management Information System (MIS): Elements, Objectives and Limitations

Management information system one of the most important tools in any organization, which aims to provide reliable, complete, accessible, and understandable information in a timely manner to the users of the system. Management information systems assisted in automating tasks. In addition assist in increased organization productivity, effectiveness, increase customer satisfaction, and efficiency of the work. In the telecommunication companies, MIS in general enables to collect, processing and storage of the information; with overall purpose to make that information available on demand in the required format. Synthesizing from the literature and interviews with some of the employees of telecommunications companies in Yemen, this paper attempts to explain the concept of MIS and clarify the role of MIS in telecommunication companies in Yemen. DOI: There are a lot of organizations in Yemen that is used management information systems, such as banks and telecommunications companies, ministries and universities.

Management information systems MIS is a changing and challenging field. In business, management information systems or information management systems are tools used to support processes, operations, intelligence, and IT. MIS tools move data and manage information. They are the core of the information management discipline and are often considered the first systems of the information age. MIS produce data-driven reports that help businesses make the right decisions at the right time. While MIS overlaps with other business disciplines, there are some differences:.

What is MIS? Characteristics, Objectives, Role, Component

You've got your small business going. Every day you answer calls from customers, talk to suppliers and try to settle employee spats. But, do you know how many receivables are 90 days past due? Do you know the turnover rate on your inventory? How about your gross profit margin from last month? If you don't have quick answers to those questions, you need a better management information system.

To sum up, it is a group of processes through which data is obtained, sorted, and displayed in a useful way for decision-making purposes. These systems are typically are computer-based including either simple excel sheets or more complex platforms. The information being collected and gathered for the system normally comes from both inside and outside sources. In banking also, the concept of the financial product has come in. The factors outrank the factors such as the location, interest rates, layout, banking hours, etc. The bank has a broad range of customers like individuals, institutions, trusts, business organizations, Government, and local bodies. The banks deal with some transactions, which also vary widely regarding length and complexity.

Importance of the Management Information System

Managers at all levels of an organization rely on reports generated from these systems. MIS reporting is used by businesses of all sizes and in every industry. The liberalization and globalization, in which organizations are required to compete globally, has further enhanced the necessity for such a system. Second, information is doubling up every two or three years, a manager has to process a large voluminous data; failing which he may end up taking a strong decision that may prove to be very costly to the company.

After reading this article you will learn about: 1. Meaning of MIS 2. Elements of MIS 3. Objectives 4.

Facebook is one of the most profitable businesses in the world, and its entire existence depends on the use of information technology and information systems. Other successful companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, and Financial Institutions- most of their success is due to technology. This tutorial will look at the roles of MIS in the organization and how an organization can take advantage of MIS to gain competitive advantage.

Components & Role of MIS (Management Information System)

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What is MIS? Characteristics, Objectives, Role, Component

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MIS is an organized integration of hardware and software technologies, data, processes, and human elements.

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In the telecommunication companies, MIS in general enables to collect, processing and storage of the information; with overall purpose to make.

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Management Information System (MIS) is basically concerned with the process of collecting, processing, storing and transmitting relevant information to support.