Pdf Control Of Macrophage Metabolism And Activation By Mtor And Akt Signaling

pdf control of macrophage metabolism and activation by mtor and akt signaling

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Published: 11.04.2021

Metrics details. Macrophages are critical mediators of tissue homeostasis, with the function of tissue development and repair, but also in defense against pathogens.

Altered mTORC1 signalling may contribute to macrophage dysregulation in hidradenitis suppurativa

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Macrophages play important roles in the regulation of the innate and adaptive immune responses. Classically activated macrophages and alternatively activated macrophages are the two major forms of macrophages and have opposing functionalities. While previous studies indicate that TIPE2 promotes M2 but inhibits M1 macrophage differentiation, the underlying molecular mechanism by which TIPE2 promotes M2 macrophage differentiation remains unclear. Mechanistic studies revealed that TIPE2 promotes phosphoinositide metabolism and the activation of the down-stream AKT signaling pathway, which in turn leads to the expression of markers specific for M2 macrophages. In addition, our results showed that Tipe2-deficiency does not affect the activation of the JAK-STAT6 signaling pathway that also plays an important role during M2 macrophage differentiation. Taken together, these results indicate that TIPE2 promotes M2 macrophage differentiation through the activation of PI3K-AKT signaling pathway, and may play an important role during the resolution of inflammation, parasite control, as well as tissue repair.

Metabolism Supports Macrophage Activation

Since , written with elegance and accuracy, Hanahan and Weinberg have proposed six major hallmarks of cancer and, together, they provide great advances to the understanding of tumoral biology. Our knowledge about tumor behavior has improved and the investigators have now recognized that inflammatory microenvironment may be a new feature for the tumor entities. Macrophages are considered as an important component of tumoral microenvironment. Biologically, two forms of activated macrophages can be observed: classically activated macrophages M1 and alternative activated macrophages M2. Despite the canonical pathways that control this puzzle of macrophages polarization, recently, mTOR signaling pathway has been implicated as an important piece in determining the metabolic and functional differentiation of M1 and M2 profiles.

We begin with an overview of mTOR and Akt signaling, followed by a discussion of their roles in macrophage activation as revealed by genetic.

Role of the PI3K/AKT and mTOR signaling pathways in acute myeloid leukemia

Acute myeloid leukemia AML comprises a group of clonal malignant diseases characterized by a deregulated proliferation of immature myeloid cells. AKT phosphorylates FOXO3a at three conserved sites Thr32, Ser and Ser , therefore creating binding sites for the 14—3—3 chaperone proteins and leading to the active export of FOXO3a to the cytoplasm where it is targeted for proteasomal degradation. The PI3K activity that results in PIP3 production is tightly controlled and negatively regulated by several phosphatases.

Upstream and downstream of mTOR


How polarizing signals coordinate metabolic and functional reprogramming, and the potential implications for control of macrophage activation, remains poorly understood. Only a subset of M2 genes is controlled in this way, including those regulating cellular proliferation and chemokine production. We propose that Akt-mTORC1 signaling calibrates metabolic state to energetically demanding aspects of M2 activation, which may define a new role for metabolism in supporting macrophage activation. Macrophages are immune cells that are found in most of the tissues of the body. Exactly what the macrophages do depends on which tissue they are in, and the state of the tissue. For example, M2 macrophages can multiply in numbers, heal wounds or help to fight off parasites depending on the signals they receive from their environment.

The cytoskeletal changes in the macrophages were observed. Furthermore, the phagocytic capacity of macrophages against Escherichia coli is reported as mean fluorescence intensity MFI and percent phagocytosis. Transfection yielded Macrophages in the PI3K-RNAi group exhibited stiff and inflexible morphology with short, disorganized filopodia and reduced number of stress fibers. Macrophages in the mTOR-RNAi group displayed pronounced cellular deformations with long, dense filopodia and an increased number of stress fibers.

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The Fate of the Tumor in the Hands of Microenvironment: Role of TAMs and mTOR Pathway

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