3 Phase Induction Motor Construction And Working Pdf

3 phase induction motor construction and working pdf

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Construction of induction motors

The stator frame consists of laminations of silicon steel, usually with a thickness of about 0. Lamination is necessary since a voltage is induced along the axial length of the steel as well as in the stator conductors. The laminations are insulated from each other usually by a varnish layer. This breaks up the conducting path in the steel and limits the losses known as eddy current losses in the steel. The stator coils are normally made of copper ; round conductors of many turns per coil are used for small motors, and rectangular bars of fewer turns are employed for larger machines.

3 Phase Induction Motor – Construction and Working

For understanding the working principle of an induction motor, let us consider a simple setup first as shown in the figure. Slip ring rotor consists of a laminated cylindrical core having semi-closed slots at the outer periphery and carries a 3-phase insulated winding. Thus the rotor rotates in the same direction as that of stator flux to minimize the relative velocity. Although the basic design of induction motors has not changed very much in the last 50 years, modern insulation materials, computer based design optimization techniques and automated manufacturing methods have resulted in motors of smaller physical size and lower cost per kW. These AC motors are of two types: squirrel and slip-ring type induction motors. There are many ways to supress the stealing electrical energy….

Three Phase Induction Motor

The rotor will constantly be turning to align its magnetic field with that of the stator field. We arrange the three-phase winding in such a manner in the slots that they produce one rotating magnetic field when we switch on the three-phase AC supply source. In three. Chapter 8 Three Phase Induction Motor 8. Three Phase Induction Motors Dr.

An induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC electric motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors are widely used as industrial drives because they are self-starting, reliable and economical. Single-phase induction motors are used extensively for smaller loads, such as household appliances like fans.

Know Basics of 3 Phase AC Induction Motor and Its Control using SVPWM

Phase Induction Motor Construction Pdf

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Some of the advantages like low cost, rugged design less complex, and easy to maintain AC motors results in many of the industrial operations are performed with the use of AC drives than DC drives. AC induction motor is a special type of electric motor having its own typical characteristics and performance in terms of starting, speed control, protections, and so on. The performance over a wide range of applications makes three-phase induction motors accountable for 85 percent of the installed capacity of the industrial driving systems. The three-phase AC induction motor is a rotating electric machine that is designed to operate on a three-phase supply. This 3 phase motor is also called as an asynchronous motor. These AC motors are of two types: squirrel and slip-ring type induction motors.

Three Phase Induction Motor Construction & Working Principle

3 phase induction motor construction pdf

The popularity of 3 phase induction motors onboard ships is because of their simple, robust construction, and high-reliability factor in the sea environment. An induction motor can be used for different applications with various speed and load requirements. Induction motors are used in almost all machinery system of the ship such as crane motor, propulsion motor, blower motor, seawater pump motor, and even small synchronous motor. An induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. Single-phase induction motor: As the name suggests, this type of motor is supplied with single-phase power supply. AC current is carried in the main winding of the motor. The type of single-phase induction motor used depends on the starting arrangement they use as an auxiliary as they are not self-starting.

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Induction motor

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Induction motor construction Figure.

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Like any electric motor, a 3-phase induction motor has a stator and a bobsnail.org stator carries a 3-phase winding (called stator winding) while the rotor carries a.

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There are two types of 3-phase induction motor based on the type of rotor used:.