Design And Performance Evaluation Of A Wastewater Treatment Plant Pdf

design and performance evaluation of a wastewater treatment plant pdf

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Wastewater treatment and sludge disposal are responsible for considerable costs and emissions in a global scale. With population and urbanization growing, tackling the rational and efficient use of energy while fulfilling the desired effluent standards are imperative. In this work, a superstructure-based approach is designed to incorporate alternative treatments for wastewater.

Design and Performance Evaluation of a Wastewater Treatment Unit

The present study evaluates the performance efficiency of a wastewater treatment plant. A sewage treatment plant operating on biological treatment method Rotating Media Bio-Reactor with an average wastewater inflow of 6 MLD has been considered for the case study. Wastewater samples were collected at different stages of treatment units and analyzed for the major waste water quality parameters such as biological oxygen demand BOD , chemical oxygen demand COD , total suspended solids TSS , and biodegradability. The performance efficiency of waste water treatment plant along with the major secondary treatment unit as Rotating Media Bio-Reactor RMBR was calculated. The RMBR treatment profile is useful for the design and operation of the unit. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Mohammed Published Environmental Science. The design and performance evaluation of a model domestic wastewater treatment unit was carried out. The treatment unit was a Waste Stabilization Pond WSP comprised of one facultative pond, three maturation ponds, and a contact filtration unit, all in series. Save to Library. Create Alert.


AVANO was a service provider dedicated to fisheries and aquaculture. Data provider:. Written Paper. Access the full text Link to PDF. Lookup at Google Scholar. The present study has been undertaken to evaluate performance efficiency of a waste water treatment plant.

Sheetal Kamble, Anju Singh, Absar Kazmi, Markus Starkl; Environmental and economic performance evaluation of municipal wastewater treatment plants in India: a life cycle approach. Water Sci Technol 15 March ; 79 6 : — Moreover, an economic evaluation was also addressed using life cycle cost LCC approach. Emissions associated with electricity production for operating the WWTPs, emissions from the treated effluent and hazardous heavy metals emissions have been identified as the main contributors to the overall environmental impact. Among the WWTPs considered, soil biotechnology SBT obtained the lowest environmental impact in all the evaluated impact categories, except for eutrophication potential.

Teja reddy,G. Abstract:- The increasing of population in pilgrimage area Tirumala near Tirupati in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, observed as a result of the development of the modern societies is accompanied by concerns in the water sector, as a result of the increasing requirements for water supply and wastewater treatment. Poorly treated wastewater with high levels of pollutants caused by poor design, operation or maintenance of treatment systems creates major environmental problems, when such wastewater is discharged to surface water or on land. Tests were performed to find the fate of pollutants in WWTP. The production of sludge in the treatment plant is used as a fertilizer. The treated effluent water goes to the territory treatment plant i.

Top PDF Performance Evaluation Of The Pagla Sewage Treatment Plant

Under Contract No. It furnishes the informa- tion necessary to identify and classify vari- ous types of treatment plants. This manual details the processes commonly utilized in wastewater treatment.

Top PDF Performance Evaluation Of The Pagla Sewage Treatment Plant

Department of Civil Engineering, K. Treatment process models are efficient tools to assure proper operation and better control of wastewater treatment systems.

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Design and Performance Evaluation of a Wastewater Treatment Unit

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Environmental Protection Agency, US, (), Process design manual for upgrading existing waste water treatment plants, Technology Transfer,. [3]. Kaul.

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