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The president is indirectly elected by an electoral college comprising the Parliament of India both houses and the legislative assemblies of each of India's states and territories , who themselves are all directly elected.

Judiciary of India

This article is written by Suryansh Singh , a 3rd-year law student from Indore Institute of law. This article mainly discusses the powers and functions of the Supreme Court. Previously Federal court constituted under the Government of India Act , was considered to be the apex court of India which was structured during the British rule. Then in , the supreme court was established which took place of the federal court. The constitution is the supreme law of the land and it contains provisions which are enforced by law. Without the enforcement of the law, the provisions embedded under the constitution are meaningless. Therefore the judiciary has independence in order to interpret the provisions of the Indian constitution.

The Court is the highest tribunal in the Nation for all cases and controversies arising under the Constitution or the laws of the United States. As the final arbiter of the law, the Court is charged with ensuring the American people the promise of equal justice under law and, thereby, also functions as guardian and interpreter of the Constitution. Few other courts in the world have the same authority of constitutional interpretation and none have exercised it for as long or with as much influence. A century and a half ago, the French political observer Alexis de Tocqueville noted the unique position of the Supreme Court in the history of nations and of jurisprudence. A more imposing judicial power was never constituted by any people. The unique position of the Supreme Court stems, in large part, from the deep commitment of the American people to the Rule of Law and to constitutional government.

The Supreme Court of India functioned from the Parliament House till it moved to the present building. It has a For a peek inside, you'll have to obtain a visitor's pass from the front office. The inauguration took place in the Chamber of Princes in the Parliament building which also housed India's Parliament, consisting of the Council of States and the House of the People. It was here, in this Chamber of Princes, that the Federal Court of India had sat for 12 years between and

Supreme Court of India: Composition, Power and Functions

Supreme Court. Therefore, in practical effect, the Chief Justice and 12 Justices discharge the adjudicative functions. As the court of last resort, the Supreme Court hears appeals from judgments or rulings rendered by the High Courts, the Patent Court, and the appellate panels of the District Courts or the Family Court in civil, criminal, administrative, patent and domestic relations cases. Under special circumstances, the Supreme Court hears exceptional appeals from the first trial judgments. It has the authority to review rulings rendered by the Korean Maritime Safety Tribunal. It also has exclusive jurisdiction over the validity of the presidential or parliamentary election. The Supreme Court has the power to make a definitive review on the constitutionality or legality of orders, rules, regulations, and actions taken by administrative entities.

The Judiciary is a system of courts which interpret and apply the law. The role of the courts is to decide cases by determining the relevant facts and the relevant law , and applying the relevant facts to the relevant law. The Indian Judiciary administers a common law system in which customs , securities and legislation, all codify the law of the land. It has, in fact, inherited the legacy of the legal system established by the then colonial powers and the princely states since the midth century, and has partly retained the characteristics of practices from the ancient [3] and medieval times. The Indian Judicial system is totally managed and administrated by officers of judicial service unlike in the past when civil service officers also were part of judicial system.

Introduction The Supreme Court in India was established through an enactment passed in pre-independent India, with the introduction of the Regulating Act, The court was established to resolve the disputes in Bengal, Orissa, and Patna. The Government of India Act, , led to the establishment of the Federal Court in India, which has vested more judicial power than the High court with original, appellate, and advisory jurisdiction. Justice Harilal Jekisundas Kania. As per article 1 of the Constitution, there should be a Supreme Court in India that will be presided by the Chief Justice of India with additional seven Judges until the parliament passes precedent for increasing the number of Judges.

explain the powers and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India;. ○ appreciate the role of the Supreme Court of India as guardian of the Constitution and.

Supreme Court: Powers, Qualifications, Removal Procedure

To know about the powers and functions of supreme court , it is necessary to know first, about the working structure of the supreme court. At the apex of the judicial hierarchy of the country stands the Supreme Court which was inaugurated on January 26, , along with the promulgation of the Constitution of India. It was given all those powers which were earlier with the Privy Council situated in England.

Original Jurisdiction: Cases that come directly to the supreme court are under its original jurisdiction and it settles disputes between Centre and State or Between States, Disputes concerning the election of the president and vice-president and the disputes arising out of the Implementation of Fundamental Rights. The Certificate of the High Court is necessary for appeals relating to civil, criminal and Constitutional matters, Such certificates can be granted by the high courts on their own or on the request of the parties, In some criminal cases, the accused can directly appeal to the supreme court in case of death sentence or imprisonment of more than ten years. When the fundamental rights of citizens are violated either by the government or any individual, it protects the Fundamental rights of Citizens.

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Powers and Functions of Supreme Court |Supreme Court of India

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Supreme Court at the apex of the Indian Judiciary is the highest authority to uphold the Constitution of India, to protect the rights and liberties of.

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India is a federal State having a single and unified judicial system with three-tier structure, i.



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