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customer service interview questions and answers examples pdf

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Mike Simpson 0 Comments. When it comes to jobs in the workforce, few positions require an applicant to wear as many hats as those worn by a customer service representative. Great customer service representatives are often the face and physical representation of an organization, providing the human experience for consumers who are looking for information regarding products and services , placing orders , dealing with problems , issues and complaints and in some cases, processing returns.

Common customer service interview questions include those questions that explore the job candidate's understanding and knowledge of the principles and practice of customer service help and customer support. The prospective employer wants to know that you have the right approach to providing good customer service.

7 Customer Service Representative Interview Questions and Answers

If you are applying for a role in customer service or retail, or for any other position where you have personal contact with consumers or businesses, your interviewer will be eager to know how you would interact with and provide assistance to customers.

To that end, you can expect questions about customer service. The short definition of customer service is making sure the customer is happy. The longer version is to ensure the customer or client is satisfied with the product or service provided, and with the sales, delivery, installation, use, and other components of the purchasing process. When answering interview questions about customer service, it can be helpful to consider the core elements that make it up.

They are:. Greeting people with a smile or friendly hello can make a big difference in a retail store. For any customer service position, in-person or by phone, a friendly and patient attitude is important. Show everyone you meet during the interview process the positive and engaging attitude that you have.

Be ready to share your achievements in customer service efficiency with the interviewer. Have you beaten productivity goals, cut down on response time, or reduced the need for follow-up calls? What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to see how your definition matches up to the company's definition of customer service. I would define customer service as helping customers handle issues, helping them find the product they want, and doing your best to have them leave the store pleased.

Another variation of this question is, "What is good customer service? Good customer service means having a thorough knowledge of your inventory, experience with your products, and being able to help customers make the best choices for them. What They Want to Know: With this question, interviewers want to get a sense of how you'd mix with the company culture. But this is also a variant on the question, " Why should we hire you?

I've seen throughout our conversation, and also when browsing through social media accounts, that ABC Company puts a priority on warm, friendly, and personal service. That's where I shine. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional moment, and I try to deliver a personal touch, relating to each customer's needs.

And it works: I consistently exceed monthly quotas and often benefit from referrals to friends. I'd bring those same qualities to ABC Company, selling formal wear.

What They Want to Know: Are you a people-person who enjoys interacting with others? Do you feel gratified when you can solve problems? Or, do you believe passionately in the product or service the company sells? These are the kinds of qualities that interviewers are looking for in your responses to this question. I'm a big fan of the clothing sold at Company XYZ, and in particular how it's designed to fit people of all sizes.

What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to know how you'll respond to and diffuse negative emotions from challenging customers.

This is an example of a behavioral interview question. A strong answer will showcase your conflict resolution skills, and how you can stay calm, respectful, and helpful in response to unhappy customers.

Once, a customer was deeply displeased with his meal. When I looked at the plate, I didn't spot a problem. First, I asked him why he was unhappy. It turned out that he was allergic to dairy, and the plate had a sprinkling of cheese on it.

I acknowledged the situation and apologized—empathy helps. Then, I offered to have the kitchen re-make his meal. I also mentioned it to my manager, who was able to offer him a complimentary beverage.

In the end, he left a big tip and apologized for not having mentioned his allergy from the start of the meal when I'd inquired about dietary preferences and allergies. What They Want to Know: Interviewers are eager to see your problem-solving skills on display, as well as how you would communicate with the customers and your fellow staff.

Emphasize those skills in your response. Remember, sharing an example is always helpful! In an ideal world, that wouldn't ever happen! Of course, we all get stumped sometimes. In those situations, I double-check my work, then loop in colleagues or my manager for more help. I let him know this was an unusual situation and apologized for the delay in coming up with a fix. I double-checked the manual, confirmed that I was following the instructions, then I reached out to a colleague who was more knowledgeable about these types of issues.

Together, we were able to solve the problem, and then update the training manual to share our new insight. What They Want to Know: Ideally, your response will mirror the values the company holds. Some organizations may put a premium on speedy responses, while others may prioritize high scores in customer satisfaction. Be honest in your response, but if it's possible to highlight qualities mentioned in the job posting, that's beneficial. I believe it's important to be friendly and warm with customers to leave a good impression.

Doing so also can prevent rudeness, anger, and other negative emotions from taking over the experience. However, I also believe that it's important to solve issues quickly. Efficiency is also a priority.

What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to see how you handle negative feedback and stressful situations. Often, I try to avoid that feedback by giving customers an estimate up-front of how long a task will take, and why it might take some time. However, that's not always possible. If I got this feedback, I'd start by acknowledging it without getting defensive.

I'd probably say something like, "I apologize that this issue is taking longer than anticipated to resolve. What They Want to Know: Interviewers want evidence that you've spent some time researching the company This helps show that you want to work at this job specifically, not just any customer service position.

XYZ Tech Company sells two levels of cloud storage: the first is geared toward consumers, and my sense from coverage in the media is that you're looking to increase your marketing of this option.

As well, XYZ sells an enterprise-level storage option. I would be intrigued to know if that actually drives more meaningful sales. What They Want to Know: Potential employers want to know if you have experience in a similar role. You do not have to describe every role you've had, Instead, highlight the most relevant customer-oriented jobs you've had.

And, if you do not have a lot of experience in customer service, discuss relevant skills that you have, such as communication skills, empathy, and problem-solving. I worked at ABC Retail for several years, selling clothing. After that, I wanted to explore something different. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work as part of a team. Here are additional tips for responding to interview questions regarding customer service:. Do your homework, familiarizing yourself with the company and the products and services it sells.

Check the company website, skim through social media accounts, and review any media coverage. Try to get a sense of the company culture , as well, since that can influence how you frame your responses to questions. Be prepared to talk about your relevant experience. To make a good impression, it's wise to ask your interviewer some questions. You can ask about logistics, company culture, or specifics about customer service.

Here are some options:. What are some of the unique challenges that your customer service reps face at this company? What's the environment like here? Do people tend to work collaboratively or independently?

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Customer Service Representative interview questions

Customer service is about the customer and the service that is offered to them. It will be the job of customer service agent to build a positive relationship with the customer. It will help them to determine how appropriate you are for the position for customer service job. Answer as per your actuals and do not fake anything. This question should give a sense of how you consider your role for the customer service job. A good customer service only offer what customer is looking. The main thing here is your honesty.

If you've been offered an interview for a position, it means you did an excellent job presenting your qualifications in your resume and cover letter. The next step is equally if not more important. Interviews are absolutely critical to the hiring process because they are typically the first time you and the hiring manager get to meet face-to-face. In short, an interview is your opportunity to show the employer that you don't just look good on paper. You can expect some fairly common interview questions no matter what industry you're interested in, so make sure you are ready to talk confidently about your skills and experience. What will set you apart, however, is your ability to answer questions related to customer service. Here are some of the most common customer service representative interview questions along with example answers for you to study before your first interview.

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Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Plan for common customer service manager interview questions and be confident that you are ready to impress the interviewer as the right job candidate. Before your interview find out as much as you can about the company, your interview answers should be relevant to the stated objectives and needs. Demonstrate your insight into what the job demands and how you can bring real value to the customer management position.

Customer service representatives are the first point of contact for your customers, acting as the face of your company and driving loyalty, retention and acquisition. What to look for in an answer:. Exceptional customer service is all about maintaining a positive and friendly attitude that makes a good first impression and leaves a lasting one. Appeasing an irate customer is no easy task, but delighting them can be even more challenging.

How to Prepare for Customer Service Interviews

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15 Customer Service Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

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If you are applying for a role in customer service or retail, or for any other position where you have personal contact with consumers or businesses, your interviewer will be eager to know how you would interact with and provide assistance to customers.

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