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Tug of war also known as tug o' war , tug war , rope war , rope pulling , or tugging war is a sport that pits two teams against each other in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of a rope , with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team's pull.

Toll-Free U. From high-quality clinical care and groundbreaking research to community programs that improve quality of life, philanthropic support drives our mission and vision. These recommendations were developed by a panel of research and clinical experts using a modified Delphi process.

Timed Up & Go Test (TUG)

Tug of war also known as tug o' war , tug war , rope war , rope pulling , or tugging war is a sport that pits two teams against each other in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of a rope , with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team's pull.

The Oxford English Dictionary says that the phrase "tug of war" originally meant "the decisive contest; the real struggle or tussle; a severe contest for supremacy". Only in the 19th century was it used as a term for an athletic contest between two teams who haul at the opposite ends of a rope. The origins of tug of war are uncertain, but this sport was practised in Cambodia , ancient Egypt , Greece , India and China.

Each side also had its own team of drummers to encourage the participants. Tug of war games in ancient Greece were among the most popular games used for strength and would help build strength needed for battle in full armor.

There is no specific time and place in history to define the origin of the game of Tug of War. The contest of pulling on the rope originates from ancient ceremonies and rituals. The origin of the game in India has strong archaeological roots going back at least to the 12th century AD in the area what is today the State of Orissa on the east coast.

The famous Sun Temple of Konark has a stone relief on the west wing of the structure clearly showing the game of Tug of War in progress. Tug of war stories about heroic champions from Scandinavia and Germany circulate Western Europe where Viking warriors pull on animal skins over open pits of fire in tests of strength and endurance, in preparation for battle and plunder.

The Mohave people occasionally used tug-of-war matches as means of settling disputes. The sport was part of the Olympic Games from until , but has not been included since. The sport is part of the World Games. The Tug of War International Federation TWIF , organises World Championships for nation teams biannually, for both indoor and outdoor contests, and a similar competition for club teams.

The sport also features in Highland Games there. Between and Tug of War was a regular event during the television series Battle of the Network Stars. Teams of celebrities representing each major network competed in different sporting events culminating into the final event, the Tug of War. Lou Ferrigno 's epic tug-o'-war performance in May is considered the greatest feat in 'Battle' history. The sport is played almost in every country in the world.

However, a small selection of countries have set up a national body to govern the sport. It features as an important ritual in phongyibyan , the ceremonial cremation of high-ranking Buddhist monks , whereby the funerary pyres are tugged between opposite sides.

The tradition originated during the rain of King Shinmahti in the Bagan era. In Indonesia, Tarik Tambang is a popular sport held in many events, such as the Indonesian Independence Day celebration, school events, and scout events.

The rope used is called dadung , made from fibers of lar between two jousters. Two cinder blocks are placed a distance apart and the two jousters stand upon the blocks with a rope stretched between them. The objective for each jouster is to either a cause their opponent to fall off their block, or b to take their opponent's end of the rope from them. The tug-of-war is also a traditional way to pray for a plentiful harvest throughout Japan and is a popular ritual around the country.

The Kariwano Tug-of-war in Daisen, Akita , is said to be more than years old, and is also a national folklore cultural asset. The event is said to have been started by feudal warlord Yoshihiro Shimadzu, with the aim of boosting the morale of his soldiers before the decisive Battle of Sekigahara in Nanba Hachiman Jinja's tug-of-war, which started in the Edo period , is Osaka 's folklore cultural asset.

It has a ritual and divinatory significance to many agricultural communities in the country and is performed at festivals and community gatherings. The sport uses two huge rice-straw ropes, connected by a central peg, which is pulled by teams representing the East and West sides of the village the competition is often rigged in favor of the Western team. A number of religious and traditional rituals are performed before and after the actual competition.

Several areas of Korea have their own distinct variations of juldarigi , and similar tug-of-war games with connections to agriculture are found in rural communities across Southeast Asia. A variant, originally brought to New Zealand by Boston whalers in the s, is played with five-person teams lying down on cleated boards. The Peruvian children's series Nubeluz featured its own version of tug-of-war called La Fuerza Glufica , where each team battled 3-on-3 on platforms suspended over a pool of water.

The object was simply to pull the other team into the pool. In Poland, a version of tug of war is played using a dragon boat , where teams of 6 or 8 attempt to row towards each other.

In the Basque Country , this sport is considered a popular rural sport, with many associations and clubs. In Basque, it is called Sokatira. In the USA - A form of Tug of War using 8 handles is used in competition at camps, schools, churches, and other events. The rope is called an "Oct-O Pull" and provides two way, four way and 8-way competition for 8 to 16 participants at one time.

Puddle Pull is a biannual tug of war contest held at Miami University. The event is a timed, seated variation of tug of war in which fraternities and sororities compete. In addition to the seated participants, each team has a caller who coordinates the movements of the team. Although the university hosted an unrelated freshman vs. Originally, the event was held as a standing tug of war over the Tallawanda stream near the Oxford waterworks bridge in which the losers were pulled into the water.

Footholes or "pits" are dug for each participant at inch intervals. The pits are dug with a flat front and an angled back. Women began to compete sporadically starting in the s and became regular participants as sorority teams in the mids. Competitors are 40 members of the freshman and sophomore classes. Two teams of eight, whose total mass must not exceed a maximum weight as determined for the class, align themselves at the end of a rope approximately 11 centimetres 4.

The teams start with the rope's centre line directly above a line marked on the ground, and once the contest the "pull" has commenced, attempt to pull the other team such that the marking on the rope closest to their opponent crosses the centre line, or the opponents commit a foul. Lowering one's elbow below the knee during a pull, known as "locking", is a foul, as is touching the ground for extended periods of time. The rope must go under the arms; actions such as pulling the rope over the shoulders may be considered a foul.

These rules apply in highly organized competitions such as the World Championships. However, in small or informal entertainment competitions, the rules are often arbitrarily interpreted and followed. A contest may feature a moat in a neutral zone, usually of mud or softened ground, which eliminates players who cross the zone or fall into it.

Aside from the raw muscle power needed for tug of war, it is also a technical sport. The cooperation or "rhythm" of team members play an equally important role in victory, if not more, than their physical strength. To achieve this, a person called a "driver" is used to harmonize the team's joint traction power. He moves up and down next to his team pulling on the rope, giving orders to them when to pull and when to rest called "hanging".

When the opponents are played out, he shouts "pull" and rhythmically waves his hat or handkerchief for his team to pull together. Slowly but surely, the other team is forced into surrender by a runaway pull. Another factor that affects the game that is little known are the players' weights.

Their feet will simply slide along the ground if their opponent s have better static friction with the ground. In general, as long as one team has enough static friction and can pull hard enough to overcome the static friction of their opponent s , that team can easily win the match. In addition to injuries from falling and from back strains some of which may be serious , catastrophic injuries may occur and permanent damage to the body, such as finger, hand, or even arm amputations.

Amputations or avulsions may result from two causes: looping or wrapping the rope around a hand or wrist, and impact from snapback if the rope breaks. Amateur organizers of tugs of war may underestimate the forces generated and thus, may be unaware of the possible consequences if a rope snaps under extreme tension. As both sides pull, tension is placed on the rope causing it to stretch as described by Hooke's law.

If a rope exceeds its breaking point the potential energy is suddenly converted to kinetic energy and the broken ends of the rope will snapback at great speed, which can cause serious injuries. This phenomenon has been studied in ship operations as mooring ropes pose the same risk should they snap.

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April 29, MLive Media Group. Retrieved August 1, Tug of War International Federation.

The Aachen Falls Prevention Scale: Multi-Study Evaluation and Comparison

Fall risk assessment is a time-consuming and resource-intensive activity. Patient-driven self-assessment as a preventive measure might be a solution to reduce the number of patients undergoing a full clinical fall risk assessment. The aim of this study was 1 to analyze test accuracy of the Aachen Falls Prevention Scale AFPS and 2 to compare these results with established fall risk assessment measures identified by a review of systematic reviews. Comparison with established fall risk assessment measures was made by conducting a review of systematic reviews and corresponding meta-analysis. Electronic databases PubMed, Web of Science, and EMBASE were searched for systematic reviews and meta-analyses that reviewed fall risk assessment measures between the years and The review of systematic reviews was conducted in accordance with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis statement. Regarding the primary outcome of the AFPS subjective risk of falling , pooled sensitivity is

Bridenbaugh, M. Elaine Cress, Reto W. Forward-translations and backtranslations as well as cultural adaptions of the test were conducted. Participants were German-speaking Swiss community-dwelling adults aged 64 and older. CS-PFP 10 total score and subscores upper body strength, upper body flexibility, lower body strength, balance and coordination, and endurance correlated significantly with all measures of physical function tested. The CS-PFP 10 German version is valid and reliable for measuring physical functional performance in German-speaking Swiss community-dwelling older adults.

The TUG Test assesses mobility, balance, walking ability, and fall risk in older adults. Timed Up and Go Test.

The first free standardized English test online

Language: English Spanish. The results were divided into categories: general characteristics of the studies, population, test implementation METHODS, interpretation of results and associations with other measurements. Three studies evaluated the TUG test in significant samples of children and adolescents with typical development, and the most studied specific diagnoses were cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury.

Validity of the German Version of the Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance 10 Test

Background and Purpose. The purpose of this study was twofold.

Tug of war

TUG alone-from sitting in a chair, stand up, walk 3 meters, turn around, walk back, and sit down.. TUG Cognitive-complete the task while counting backwards from a randomly selected number between 20 and TUG manual-complete the task while carrying a full cup of water. The time taken to complete the task is strongly correlated to level of functional mobility, i. The cutoff levels for TUG is

Toll-Free U. From high-quality clinical care and groundbreaking research to community programs that improve quality of life, philanthropic support drives our mission and vision. Instrument Details. These recommendations were developed by a panel of research and clinical experts using a modified Delphi process. Do you see an error or have a suggestion for this instrument summary?

Перед ним была высокая стена, деревянная скамья и больше. Он посмотрел вверх, на крышу трехэтажного дома, развернулся и бросился назад, но почти тут же остановился. В некотором отдалении от него возникла фигура человека, приближавшегося медленно и неотвратимо. В руке его поблескивал пистолет. Беккер, отступая к стене, вновь обрел способность мыслить четко и ясно. Он почувствовал жжение в боку, дотронулся до больного места и посмотрел на руку. Между пальцами и на кольце Танкадо была кровь.

In the TUG (Cognitive), individuals were asked to complete the test while counting backward by threes from a randomly selected number.

Timed Up and Go


Халохот услышал, как где-то ниже тело Беккера упало на каменные ступеньки, и бросился вниз, сжимая в руке пистолет. В поле его зрения попало окно. Здесь. Халохот приблизился к внешней стене и стал целиться. Ноги Беккера скрылись из виду за поворотом, и Халохот выстрелил, но тут же понял, что выстрел пришелся в пустоту.

Стратмор бесшумно спускался по ступенькам. Незачем настораживать Хейла, давать ему знать, что они идут. Почти уже спустившись, Стратмор остановился, нащупывая последнюю ступеньку. Когда он ее нашел, каблук его ботинка громко ударился о кафельную плитку пола. Сьюзан почувствовала, как напряглось все его тело.

Его мечта была близка к осуществлению. Однако, сделав еще несколько шагов, Стратмор почувствовалчто смотрит в глаза совершенно незнакомой ему женщины. Ее глаза были холодны как лед, а ее обычная мягкость исчезла без следа. Сьюзан стояла прямо и неподвижно, как статуя.

 Что вы говорите! - Старик был искренне изумлен.  - Я не думал, что он мне поверил. Он был так груб - словно заранее решил, что я лгу. Но я рассказал все, как .

ГЛАВА 69 - Эй, мистер. Беккер, шедший по залу в направлении выстроившихся в ряд платных телефонов, остановился и оглянулся. К нему приближалась девушка, с которой он столкнулся в туалетной комнате. Она помахала ему рукой. - Подождите, мистер.

Больше никаких мотоциклов, пообещал он. Ярко освещенное помещение аэровокзала сияло стерильной чистотой. Здесь не было ни души, если не считать уборщицы, драившей пол.

 Танкадо звонил мне в прошлом месяце, - сказал Стратмор, прервав размышления Сьюзан. - Танкадо звонил вам? - удивилась. Он кивнул: - Чтобы предупредить.





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Archaimbau L.


Die vorliegende Arbeit untersucht daher, inwieweit der Timed up and Go-Test mit Zusatzaufgaben zur Differenzierung des Sturzrisikos nutzbar ist.

Caresse T.


PDF | Hintergrund: Stürze bei der Fortbewegung führen bei älteren Menschen häufig zu Schlussfolgerungen: Der TUG-Test mit motorischer Berg-Balance-​Scale-deutsche Version Berg-Balance-Scale-German.