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February The linear design presented here is modernized with MOSFET pass elements that improve efficiency with no switching noise. Of course, you could always dip into your wallet and spring for more advanced displays.

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Also USB interface and internal scripting available fully assembled Also available - 12 and 24 channel Maestros. Engage Your Brain Find these products and more at www. To mitigate such unnerving changes in program audio, a popular automatic volume controller from the vacuum tube era was updated to today's technology. This circuit is also useful in home recording. No problem! This handy device will close it automatically for you. Mute Controller for Your PC Now you can do things like listen to music on your laptop with the lid closed because volume control is now accessible externally.

With color-coded LEGO-like components, you the amount of supervision provided by an experienced and your youngster can build over a hundred different or at least alert adult. I began disassembling radios and electric toys as The problem with the series is that the user manual soon as I could handle a screwdriver.

When I was 11, is written for someone who can read at a high-school I built a ham radio transmitter with parts recycled from level. Today, allowing an unsupervised 11 year old to Although the Snap Circuit and similar products can disassemble a potentially lethal high voltage circuit be used by teens, the solderless electronic breadboard probably constitutes child abuse in some states.

It takes a Fortunately, the CRT has been supplanted by the lower good deal of dexterity to plug in ICs without bending the leads.

A breadboard and battery or simple power supply and a handful of components are not only inexpensive, but relatively limitless in terms of circuit World's ld s M Most o st V Versatile ersatile Model possibilities. Nothing can beat a knowledgeable person electronics project. One of my early mentors used to walk me through a teardown and then hand me the tools and let me reassemble everything. After all, for a chance to win a PanaVise prize package. Model electronics as a hobby has evolved considerably since the days when computers were fabricated with discrete components.

We are not responsible for mistakes, misprints, or typographical errors. This is the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Paul Stysley. As N anyone who has ever watched Star Trek knows, any decent starship will be fitted with a device — known as a tractor beam — that produces a gravity-like attraction field capable of dragging in pretty much any object, regardless of its mass and inertia.

Although the concept appears seriously impractical for any type of large objects, it has been known for some time that certain types of lasers can move small, solid items.

For example, last year, scientists at the Australian National University moved some tiny particles 1. The first technique involves the "optical tweezers" concept in which two counterpropagating light beams generate a ring-like geometry that traps particles in the dark core of the overlapping beams. Varying one of the beams' intensities heats the air around the trapped particle and thereby moves it along the center of the ring. The drawback here is that the system requires an atmosphere, which isn't exactly omnipresent in space.

The second employs "optical solenoid beams" which were introduced in a issue of Optics Express and described as "diffractionless solutions of the Helmholtz equation whose diffraction-limited in-plane intensity peak spirals around the optical axis, and whose wavefronts carry an independent helical pitch. The remaining technique has never been demonstrated, but it involves the use of a Bessel beam in which rings of light surround a central point.

In theory, the beam could induce electric and magnetic fields in an object's path and use the spray of forward-scattered light to pull it backward, against the beam itself. Whichever method — if any — proves practical, it is expected to be useful not only for extraterrestrial particulate matter but also for single molecules, viruses, RNA, and even functioning cells on Earth. They are configured Other features include a second- with low voltage, high powered generation Core i5 processor, a processors, fast power-up, GB hard drive, and 4 GB of extended battery life, and fast memory.

The SSDs. Late last year, Acer display is a Going with the resolution. So far, hope has never triumphed, but it appears to be NEC's turn to take another whack at it. Plus, the company is aiming to sell only 1, systems in the next three years. Perhaps the machine's most interesting feature is the head-mounted AIRScouter display which projects images into the wearer's eyes. The system can also be provided with camera-equipped glasses, microphones, and earphones, making it more flexible for remote field operations.

The unit is also Bluetooth enabled. The system weighs about g 15 oz and will operate better than 4 hr on a charge. At present, the machine appears to be available only in Japan, but NEC's issuance of an English-language press release would indicate that TeleScouter will eventually find its way to our shores.

However, one of the drawbacks to the iPad — if you do any amount of real typing — is that it eliminates the bulky keypad. Hence, meet the Keyboard Folio product from the folks at Belkin www. What you get is an integrated Bluetooth keyboard and protective folio case designed specifically for the iPad 2. The tri-fold design hides the keys and protects the screen when the unit is not in use.

The newest is the PicoScope which is a two-channel, bit very high resolution oscilloscope VHRO with a built-in low distortion signal generator. With a 5 MHz bandwidth, it can be used to analyze audio, ultrasonic, and vibration signals; characterize noise in switched mode power supplies; measure distortion; and perform a range of precision measurement tasks. It includes a function generator and arbitrary waveform generator that has a sweep function to enable frequency response analysis.

It also spectrum analyzer. You can get further details at www. He then founded a company to move his research from theory to product, and the result is the Lytro light field camera. Like your garden variety Canon or Nikon, it is a digital still camera. However, a light field camera — also known as a plenoptic camera — uses an array of microlenses to capture all the rays of light in a scene; in this case, 11 million rays.

It uses "a light field sensor that collects the color, intensity, and the direction of every light ray flowing into the camera, capturing a scene in four dimensions. Because all Lytro photos inherently include 3-D data, the company will be releasing software later this year that will allow 3-D viewing and scene perspective shifting. Lytro offers a free software download that enables users to import pictures from camera to computer and share them via Facebook, blogs, email attachments, and so forth.

At this moment, it is Mac OS only, but a Windows version may be available by the time you read this. For an onscreen demonstration, visit www. Nobody I else is using Microsoft's www. Well, it's only money. The units in question are the kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin, and the mole, all of which "will be redefined in terms of invariants of nature; the new definitions will be based on fixed numerical values of the Planck constant, the elementary charge, the Boltzmann constant, and the Avogadro constant, respectively.

For one thing, the changes won't take place until a range of technical requirements for agreement and some unspecified uncertainties are met, and the CGPM won't even meet again until For another, the changes will be so infinitesimal that almost no one will continued The definition of a kilogram, for example, will change by only a few parts in ,,, so a kilo of bananas will cost pretty much the same. But we thought you'd like to know. Noritake Co.

It was a fine simulator for near space flight computers that only monitored this single GPS sentence. I can now report on a new and improved version of the GPS simulator that expands the original simulator into one suitable for testing most GPS tracking systems.

A pushbutton switch T version of the GPS simulator. First, it displays the altitude on a PC while producing its GPS output for the toggles the lock status of the simulator between lock and no-lock, and back again and a bi-color LED indicates the tracker under test. This lets you monitor the progress of current lock status. The fourth and final improvement the balloon flight in real time.

Second, five additional GPS permits the simulation of a neutrally buoyant weather sentences are included in the output. The output includes balloon. The only one not included is the buoyancy, burst, descent, and landing of the balloon. GPS Simulator, version 2. The LP is a low drop-out voltage regulator and permits the circuit to continue operating down to about 5. The resistors act as either pull-ups or current limiters. The pushbutton switches signal the GPS simulator when to toggle the position lock and when to launch the balloon.

At startup, the GPS simulator has no lock and the balloon is on the ground. After drilling the PCB, begin by soldering the green. If the GPS lock is switched off after the balloon is resistors. Follow with the capacitor and then the IC socket. Next, solder position while the GPS simulator reports no position lock.

The Lock and Launch Launch button. Solder all nine of during ascent, toggles between red and green during float, the female DB-9 connector pins to the PCB. Afterwards, is red during descent, and is off on the ground.

Now, repeat this for the two wires of the GPS cable.

Nuts and Volts - March 2014.pdf

I don't still get the aim of dis project. I wud love 2build it koz it requires less components. Please could u explain? Great videos. I'm very new to synth DIY, but found this to appear doable with your great instructions. I have one on hand and remember that there is the possiblility of doing some Arduino functions with it, but not sure how extensive.

NUTS AND VOLTS Magazine does not warrant that any of these files are suitable for any November_Hoffman-Parts Rubys Flame Extended

Computer security

Standard Integrated Circuit Products. Cover page and the table of contents can be viewed here. Bjork of Haunthackers.

Computer security , cybersecurity [1] or information technology security IT security is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of or damage to their hardware , software , or electronic data , as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

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