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data interpretation tips and tricks pdf

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Data Interpretation is an important topic and one cannot give it a cold shoulder to this topic. It is important to practice this topic well. Data Interpretation topic dominates the entire Quantitative Aptitude. Data interpretation topics are based on Arithmetic topics.

Bar Graph Pdf Data Interpretation (Questions & Solution with Shortcut Tricks) – Download Now

We will also discuss in details how to solve toughest DI ….. Hope you will enjoy it…. So get ready for DI solving tricks and tips.

Data can be written or represented in 4 Forms Data can be presented either through words as in case-lets or through pictorial methods. Out of all the types of pictorial charts, table, bar chart, pie chart and line chart are most frequently used types. A ratio is another important topic to care about. If you sit down to actually calculate the answer, you would end up spending more time than required.

Here are a few ideas that you can use for approximation. Calculation Techniques specific to the data sets : There are calculation techniques especially in case of Pie Chart, Line Chart and Bar chart that one should know to reduce the calculation time. Pie Chart is a circular form of Data representation. In this, the circle is divided into sectors either percentwise or degree-wise. It is usually seen that the answer to the first question is useful in solving the next question.

So it is advisable that you solve the questions in the order in which they appear. Also if you make mistakes while calculating the first question, you will most probably make mistakes in the subsequent questions. So be double sure of your answers. Based on the table, answer the questions that follow Questions : The following table indicates the percentage of students enrolled in various faculties of a university.

Question 1- Approximately, how many female students are there in the faculty of performing Arts if the proportion of males and females is the same for this faculty as for the whole university? Question 2. Supposing, the number available in the faculty of Engineering doubles keeping the total number in the University to be the same by reducing the student numbers in faculty of performing Arts and faculty of Education equally, the number of students available in the faculty of Education will be:.

Sources acquisition and classification of Data. Question 4. If half of the students from the faculty of Education and all of the students from the faculty of social sciences are females, then the number of female students in the three remaining faculties altogether will be:.

Question 5. The difference in the number of students enrolled in the faculty of Science as compared to the number of students enrolled in the faculty of Engineering, is:. We have deliberately not given an explanation of 4,5 Question; Try solving them yourself. Consider the given companies started in If the ratio of the number of male to female employees in company B at the end of was 5 : 6, what was the number of female employees in company b at the end of ? What was the total number of employees in company A at the end of ?

Ans: 2. Total no. The number of employees in company E at the end of is what per cent more than the the number of employees in company C at the end of ? Ans In which of the given companies the number of employees was the highest at the end of ? In , the no. So the answer is 5. What is the average number of employees who joined company D during all the given years together?

What is the ratio of the total number of employees who joined company C in and together to the total number of employees who left company E in , and together? Download Practise Set of 30 Question. DI section is the most typical and time consuming for most of the aspirants but if you believe in smart work you can subdue this problem.

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Data Interpretation. On very few occasion question were based on two tables. The Significant change we see in the paper pattern over years is that previously there is Question based out of 1 Dataset. However, now we see Question on two type of data set. Also in the last few year questions were asked mostly based on tabular data. This is a little tricky as this will be time-consuming for candidates to analyse two datasets and solve 3 question based on each data set.

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Free of Cost. Percentage of students faculty wise.

Data Interpretation - Tricks and Techniques

Data Interpretation is a major part of Quantitative Aptitude section for any banking exam. Now, first and foremost, What does Data Interpretation exactly mean? Interpretation is the process of making sense of numerical data that has been collected, analysed, and presented. Interpreting data is an important critical thinking skill that helps you comprehend textbooks, graphs and tables. Majority of the questions asked in the Data Interpretation Section are based on the following topics of the Arithmetic Section -. If the basics of these topics are clear, attempting DI in the exams becomes comparatively easy.

Though there is no shortcut to solve Data Interpretation questions quickly but there are some things that you can avoid doing and some ways to save time while solving these questions. You can rely on visual approximation when bar graphs and line charts are in question. For this, before you start calculating, you must try and eliminate a few options based on visual clues. Some options provided in the question can be easily ruled out by just looking at the pie chart or line graph. Usually you are left with just close options out of which one will be the solution. So just do detailed calculation for these 2 options to save time.

Here's a PDF file which contains DATA INTERPRETATION TIPS & TRICKS especially for SSC CGL AND BANK PO exams (IBPS/SBI) READ MORE.


It is common for both the Preliminary Exam and Mains Exam. The difficulty level of the questions though varies for both phases. These contain different types of data interpretation Pdf questions ranging from Easy to High Level.

Tips & Tricks to solve Data Interpretation (DI)

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Data Interpretation And Caselet Question PDF For IBPS RRB PO & Clerk Prelims 2020

To solve these types of problems, usage of data interpretation tricks is important for effective time management and to save time in competitive exams by doing fast calculations. In this type of question, some data is provided in the form of tables or bar charts or pie charts or graph format and questions are asked based on the given data. Our task is to answer those questions simply by interpreting and analyzing the data smartly. Data Analysis and Interpretation are just about playing with numbers using basic maths operations Additions, Subtractions, multiplications. Is it Right? Some data is given in the form of graphs, tables, charts.

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Data interpretation is a part of quantitative aptitude in banking exams with questions asked at both prelims and mains level. Data interpretation covers a good portion of the section and does not includes extensive calculation and comparatively easier than the rest of the mathematics portion. It offers easy marks to aspirants and is very achievable, and is advised to be included as a core part of the preparation.

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