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They get their name from how they form: from a move in one direction e. More on this later. The zones form from a move in one direction, then a base, followed by a move in the counter direction, which creates the zone.

Supply and Demand: Learn to Identify POWERFUL Reversal Zones

A drop-base-rally demand is a zone which normally denotes a market bottom. This is only the basic of supply and demand trading method. And this is only one if the different pattern that banks leave as a footprint when they buy or sell the market. If you want to learn how banks and financial institutions trade the market,I want to inform you that I released a new course that covers in details how banks trade financial markets. This course will teach how to identify banks buy and sell orders and follow their footprints.

Core Strategy Core Strategy Manual : 1-57

The past decade witnessed a new type of trading strategy surface that has become widely popular with forex traders. The energy behind supply and demand zones is well documented. In a nutshell, supply and demand is an approach based on technical analysis, specifically price action. Traders search for robust areas that form a healthy advance or decline. Figure 1. Not all areas give winning trades.

Supply and Demand is becoming one of the most popular forex trading systems among traders. It is also considered the most profitable strategies one can use to trade the Forex market. As we all know, forex is a huge market where traders buy and sell currencies. Prices move due to supply and demand forces; when supply is high and demand is low, price goes down, and when supply is low and demand is high, price goes up. Once you understand the dynamics of these two forces, you will anticipate almost every price movement on any price chart. This guide will give you all the necessary tools you need to master Supply and Demand in forex. You will learn the core strategy on how to identify, draw, and trade market imbalances like professional traders.

Identifying Supply and Demand. On the Price Chart. Supply: RBD (Rally-Base-​Drop) and DBD (Drop-Base-Drop). Demand: DBR (Drop-Base-Rally) and RBR.

Supply and Demand Zone Trading

Back to: Trading with Smart Money. As part of this article, we are going to discuss the following pointers which are related to Supply and Demand Zone Trading. The price goes through the following phases.


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Ever seen a supply or demand zone form in the middle of a swing, rather than at the beginning? They get their name from the way they form: from a move in one direction, followed by a base a small consolidation , followed by another move in the same direction. The zones form from a move in one direction, then a base, followed by a move in the counter direction, which creates the zone. They both look the same, you trade them in the same way, and they even form under the same process; the banks placing trades or taking profits. The banks place their trades or take profits, and price moves away, creating the zone.

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