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artificial lift oil and gas pdf

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Published: 04.04.2021

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Artificial Lift Methods

The global oil consumption market size has witnessed rapid growth in the last couple of decades owing to potential growth in the industrial and transportation sector. To meet such a high demand for hydrocarbon, many operators around the globe incessantly drilling to maximize their production. But in the existing wells, the reservoir pressure is not enough to produce fluids to the surface. Most of the wells in the world need some assistance to get the hydrocarbon to the surface. Various types of artificial lifts are employed according to properties of the well and availability of technology, which will subsequently growth of the global market in the coming years.

SPE 52157 Selection of Artificial Lift

We deliver superior performance and reliability by combining our proven products and decades of experience in artificial lift. We back our solutions with a worldwide service organization and commitment to the highest standards for health, safety and the environment. Our complete pumping solutions include surface and downhole equipment plus installation, maintenance, repair and testing services. Our artificial lift solutions run in some of the most remote and hostile onshore and offshore environments in the world. Our products operate efficiently in extremely abrasive, corrosive, erosive, and high-temperature conditions. Our customers trust our expertise for reliable operations in complex applications including oil and gas production, mining and geothermal energy.

The challenges of producing and lifting unconventional oil and gas economically is no doubt the most daunting phase of unconventional oil and gas development. Slug flow, high free gas production, solid proppant, scale, paraffin , horizontal wellbore geometry, surface pad for multi-well in a cellar, and other unique unconventional wells problems are continuously testing the limit of our existing artificial lift systems. As it might be expected, this is invariably, affecting the economic viability of unconventional oil and gas production. This paper presents an exceptional Artificial Lift selection process, required to maximize unconventional oil and gas asset value. The presentation includes a case study of Permian Delaware basin unconventional formations.

Artificial lift technologies are wide and varied. The term, artificial lift , applies to numerous tools, equipment, controls, instruments, computer hardware and software, technologies and techniques used to increase the flow of liquids usually crude oil, water or a mix of oil and water along with natural gas from a production well. The lift can be achieved mechanically through the use of a pump. Alternatively, lift can be achieved by decreasing the weight of the hydrostatic column in the well by injecting gas into the liquid at the desired depth. In this report, we discuss three categories of artificial lift systems: 1 pump-assisted systems; 2 fluid-assisted systems; and 3 flow enhancement techniques. Within these three categories, there are at least eleven types of lift technologies. In each category there also exist unconventional or emerging technology types of lift.

Introduction to Artificial Lift

Artificial lift refers to the use of artificial means to increase the flow of liquids, such as crude oil or water, from a production well. Generally this is achieved by the use of a mechanical device inside the well known as pump or velocity string or by decreasing the weight of the hydrostatic column by injecting gas into the liquid some distance down the well. A newer method called Continuous Belt Transportation CBT uses an oil absorbing belt to extract from marginal and idle wells.

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We are in process of revamping Artificial Lift System Market with respect to COVID-19 Impact.

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Production rate is the combined impact of reservoir delivery and wellbore plus flowline multiphase flow pressure change.