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Phone: Fax: Email : harrison minneapolisparks. This recreation center is open for Rec Plus school-age childcare only. Part of: Harrison Park. Subscribe To Email Updates. Summer Meal Program.

Park & Facility Projects

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Experience the natural beauty of Isanti County by visiting our more than acres of parkland featuring:. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. All programs and events have been postponed at this time. Park users are asked to follow the social distancing recommendations of staying 6 feet apart from others. Restrooms will continue to be open, however we have been experiencing theft of hand sanitizer dispensers, which will not be replaced so plan accordingly.


The Clubhouse 2. The Clubhouse program offers childcare coverage from P daily and provides transportation from school to the Clubhouse center. On most days the staff walk the students to their center but on days with bad weather transportation will be provided. Once back at the facilities, participants eat lunch and continue with their remote e-learning program until 3pm. From pm the participants will be engaged with crafts, games, and other activities with the other kids!

It was commissioned by philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps , on property adjacent to her home, and designed by San Diego's best known architect, Irving Gill. The facility was originally called the Children's Playground and Recreation Center [4] and has always included a children's play area as well as the recreation center building. Scripps stipulated in the gift bequest that the building must be open to any person, regardless of "race, creed or opinions. He and his wife Agnes developed a vigorous program of sports, particularly baseball and tennis. On July 25, , the center celebrated its th anniversary.

The house has intrigued generations with its sharply peaked Polynesian-style gables unlike any other constructed in that era , arroyo stone pillars, clapboard outer walls and triangular attic vents. Experts say it was one of Los Angeles' first tropical-themed houses, the precursor to the exotically eclectic architecture of the s. Joseph Dupuy died in and over the next 50 years a succession of owners took care of the house. In the 's however, the City of Los Angeles purchased the home for a street widening project that fell through. By the 's the house was empty except for squatters who vandalized the place and scavenged everything from doorknobs to banisters.

Parks Search1 Search A listing of each recreation center and its hours of operation. Recreation Centers. Find out information about the recreation centers including hours of operation, amenities, and more. Recreation Centers Map (PDF​).


Contact and limited contact sports basketball and volleyball with additional safeguards including masks unless actively engaged in the activity. Activities that are temporarily restricted: limited capacity in centers; spectators to no more than 4 per participant and groups of spectators limited to 8 or less. Groups at least 6 feet of distancing from others.

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Irving Recreation Center

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Check out the class schedules for the recreation centers in the City of Irving. Residents can visit the Reopened Parks and Recreation Facilities page for updates during the recreation Facility Information Recreation Centers Map (​PDF).

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Find information on vaccinations, testing, guidance for residents and businesses, frequently asked questions, and more.

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Learn about the special programs Irving Parks and Recreation can offer you and your family. Visit the Parks and Recreation Reopened Facilities page for specific information on available services, hours of Check out the class schedules for the recreation centers in the City of Irving. Recreation Centers Map (PDF).