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Download eBook. Microstrip Lines and Slotlines K. For advance microstrip line theory, design and applications, particularly in MMIC design.

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Figure 8. Reprinted with permission. At higher.

Microstrip Lines and Slotlines, Third Edition

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Edward J Wollack. Kongpop U-yen. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Via-less microwave crossover using microstrip-CPW transitions in slotline propagation mode.

They allow two microwave signals to cross in two planes with an acceptable isolation, which enable compact realization of the complex microstrip circuits on a chip. Planar crossovers can be constructed using wire bond or air bridges [1]. In addition, they can be constructed using vias wiring though additional substrate layers [2][3].

However, these solutions may require multiple substrate and conductor layers, increase fabrication complexity, and may require additional circuit elements to compensate for via's or bridge's parasitic when operated at mm-wave frequencies. One of the approaches to reduce fabrication complexity is to use via-less microstrip to co-planar waveguide CPW transitions [4][5][6], where CPW is on the ground plane layer of the microstrip.

However the design in [4] and [5] requires large ground plane slot and narrow microstrip line at the transition to allow broadband microstrip-CPW mode conversion. As a result, it produces high radiation losses. In addition, these designs are based upon the empirical solution that requires extensive computation time to fine-tune the response in electromagnetic simulation software.

Girard et al. However, this work did not explain the technique to determine the optimal microstrip and CPW characteristic impedance at the transition. In this paper, we propose an analytical technique to design a via-less microstrip-CPW transition.

In addition, a new microwave crossover was developed using this technique. The proposed crossover is designed to have low radiation loss, high isolation and broadband frequency responses.

The hardware implementation and measurement will be discussed in section IV. Finally, the conclusion remarks are made in section V. Although symmetric CPW line supports only an even mode propagation as shown in Fig.

The electric field lines in each slot are highly dependent on the center conductor width W g of the CPW and the slot width W s. If a microstrip line is transformed to a CPW line in this mode though broadside coupling, four connector strips will be involved in the line impedance computation and can be solved by using complex full wave equations [5].

On the other hand, when two slots are widely spaced as shown in Fig. Once two slots become so wide that the voltage potential in the center conductor becomes dependent on the position in conductor plane, the CPW no longer propagate in quasi-TEM mode.

The CPW becomes two slots with wave propagate close to slotline mode [7] that have a known phase as shown in Fig. The transition from microstrip-CPW transition occurs where microstrip line with the width of W t2 and the slotlines with the width of W s cross. Two slots are separated apart around the microstrip line port to minimize the effect of slotlines on the microstrip input characteristic impedance.

The quarter-wavelength line with the characteristic impedance of Z t1 of The microstrip-CPW transition can be modeled using transmission lines and transformer as shown in Fig. To minimize signal reflection at the transition, value Z t2 is matched to n 2 Z s where n is the microstrip-slotline equivalent transformer ratio.

This ratio is highly dependent on the dielectric thickness and the angle between microstrip and slotline [8]. In a thin substrate relative to guided wavelength and with degree intersection between the microstrip and slotline, the value n is approximately one. This assumption is valid only when the two slots have minimal interaction in quasi-TEM mode and when slotlines does not strongly affect the microstrip lines characteristic.

To validate this assumption, method-of-moments electromagnetic EM simulations were performed. The results were compared with that obtained from the circuit model. In the EM simulation, two slots are defined as a CPW port with the characteristic impedance of 40 and The EM simulation results of the transition designed at 5 GHz shows good agreement with that using the proposed circuit model as shown in Fig. The microwave signal crossing occurs between the microstrip and the CPW layer is also served as the ground plane for the microstrip line.

In addition, both slots must be physically identical to suppress CPW odd-mode propagation. To increase the crossover isolation, the crossing area between the microstrip and CPW lines must be minimized. The CPW line is tapered from line width W g1 at the transition area to W g0 at the center of the crossover. By changing W g0 from 0.

The impedance contrast is adjusted such that the low-pass filter's 3dB corner frequency is set at 17 GHz. Using this technique, the crossover can be constructed using transmission lines as shown in Fig.

Due to limited crossover area, the low impedance section of the filter is replaced with opened-end microstrip lines Z m2 with the line width of W m2. They are folded parallel to the narrow line W m1 to minimize the parasitic coupling between two crossing signals. The circuit and physical parameters for both microstrip-CPW transitions and the microstrip crossover are provided in Table I. These crossovers are terminated with 2. The two-port Thru-Reflect-Line TRL calibration is performed using the Agilent Network analyzer to define the reference planes near the crossover input on the substrate.

The crossovers were measured two ports at a time and the device is placed at 10 mm above the earth ground. In addition, the measured S-parameters of device were in good agreement with the simulated results as shown in Fig. The proposed crossovers are able to provide inband return loss above 18 dB from 3. The average in-band insertion loss observed in horizontal and vertical branch are 0. The isolation between the horizontal and vertical branch is greater than 32 dB.

The majority of loss in the structure originated in the narrow line sections in the microstrip and CPW crossover. Given at the room temperature resistivity of copper, the line width of 0.

The crossover can be designed with wider line width and thickness to reduce the current density at the crossing junction. The transmission loss of the horizontal branch is higher than that of the vertical branch due to the width W g0 being narrower than the designed value. W g0 was approximately 0. The total loss of the crossover in the vertical and horizontal branch can be approximated using 1- S 11 2 - S 21 2 and 1- S 33 2 - S 43 2 , respectively.

At these frequencies, slot lines length V and H shown in Fig. The vertical microstrip branch is less susceptible to this loss as it is not designed to couple directly to slotlines. When the crossover is placed mm above the earth ground, we observed small increase in the total loss by approximately 0.

This result suggested that the radiation loss is significantly smaller than the ohmic loss in the system. ConclusionWe proposed an analytical design solution for a broadband microstrip-CPW transition and incorporated this component in a crossover design.

The stepped impedance low pass filter techniques were implemented in the crossover design to produce a compact transition area with high isolation between two signal lines. In addition, the design is simple to fabricate using only two metalized layers on a dielectric substrate. Both on 0. The measured frequency responses of the a transmission and b return loss of the proposed crossover with their EM simulation results using a method of moments simulation software.

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Microstrip Lines and Slotlines

Par adair ruby le dimanche, septembre 25 , - Lien permanent. Download eBook. Microstrip Lines and Slotlines K. Balanced microstrip line replaces traditional ground plate to be the reflector of the Yagi-Uda antenna. Radial microstrip slotline feed network for circular mobile communications array. Microstrip lines, widely used for good reason, are broadband in frequency and provide circuits that are compact and light in weight.

Via-less microwave crossover using microstrip-CPW transitions in slotline propagation mode

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microstrip lines

Par wooten luke le dimanche, mai 22 , - Lien permanent. Download Microstrip Lines and Slotlines. Microstrip Lines and Slotlines K.

Gupta Et Al. 1996 - Microstrip Lines and Slotlines. 2nd Ed.

Par roberts christopher le vendredi, septembre 9 , - Lien permanent. Download eBook. Microstrip Lines and Slotlines K. Implementations of the coax probe and slot-coupled microstrip line feed. This text provides design and analysis data on planar microwave transmission structures including microstrip lines, slotlines and coplanar waveguides.

Show all documents This section presents dual-band transformers based on coupled microstrip lines illustrated in Figure 5 a. Such transformers are of great interest because of the current trend toward compact, more efficient, dual-band RF front ends. This section also presents the generalization of the closed form expressions used in the design of dual-band transformer based on coupled microstrip lines. In addition, some design guidelines are proposed throughout further parametric analysis. Bandpass Filter design Using Planar Couple Microstrip Lines Due to the fact that most present-day systems demand for small size, lightweight and low cost the employment of microstrip technology arises extensively over the years. Microstrip are particularly suited to those applications where low profile because it can conform to a given shape easily.

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