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Perception is the sensory experience of the world.

Sensation and Perception

All of our senses give us vital information about our surroundings, but the one we rely on most is vision. Accordingly, the physical apparatus for gathering visual information—the eye—and the brain circuits that process this information are more complex than corresponding systems for the other senses. The brain devotes more space to vision than to all other senses combined. The eye is roughly spherical and about an inch in diameter. In the front, the cornea and lens focus light reflected from objects in the world onto the retina in the back of the eye. The lens changes shape to allow us to see both near and far objects clearly.

Download PDF Read online. This comprehensive introduction to Sensation and Perception has been highly praised for its unique approach, which begins with the minor senses and progresses to vision. The book begins with an introductory chapter on general physiological, perceptual and theoretical principles which gives the reader the conceptual tools to build a clear understanding of how we perceive the world. The next two chapters then flesh out basic topics such as transduction, receptive fields, and. Free UK delivery on We offer web-based, password-protected resources free of charge to instructors who recommend Foundations of Sensation and Perception by George Mather.

What Is Perception?

The new edition of Foundations of Sensation and Perception will enable the reader to achieve a firm grasp of current knowledge concerning the processes that underlie our perception of the world, and will be an invaluable resource for those studying psychology, neuroscience, and related disciplines. As in the previous editions, the early chapters allow you to grasp fundamental principles in relation to the relatively simple sensory systems smell, taste, touch and balance before moving on to more complex material in hearing and vision. The text has been extensively updated, and this new edition includes:. This companion website has also been updated and offers an array of supplementary materials for both students and instructors. It includes:. Access to the Instructor Resources is restricted to instructors only by password protection.

The Senses: Vision

Mather, George Foundations of sensation and perception [2nd Ed. Psychology Press. ISBN

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The Senses: Vision

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Sensation and Perception.

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Foundations of Sensation and Perception will enable the reader to achieve a firm grasp of current knowledge concerning the processes that.

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