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The Editors accept papers throughout the calendar year. All papers submitted to the Journal are subjected to a thorough peer reviewing process.

Bogdanovich, A. December 1, December ; 52 12 : — A fast growing volume of literature in various fields of composite materials and structures has inspired the authors to attempt to assemble all major books and review papers in a concise compendium presented here.

Journal of Science and Technology of Composites

Bogdanovich, A. December 1, December ; 52 12 : — A fast growing volume of literature in various fields of composite materials and structures has inspired the authors to attempt to assemble all major books and review papers in a concise compendium presented here. This could give researchers, engineers, designers, and graduate students a rapid access to the vast volume of references on any specific topic in the field of composites and thereby satisfy their research requirements.

The compendium includes encyclopedias, handbooks, design guides, textbooks, reference books, review papers and also a few collections of papers. The topics span theory, modeling and analysis of composite materials, processing and manufacturing, properties and characterization, theory and analysis of composite structures, joints and connections, designing with composites, and composites applications. The compendium includes over references, which are arranged in alphabetical order within each topic under consideration.

Additionally, the reader can find, in this compendium, the lists of major conferences, journals, and ASTM STP publications on composites. The major objective of this work is not critically reviewing or discussing specific research approaches and results. The authors have rather intended to provide extensive bibliographic information that may help the reader to get familiar with the primary literature and, if necessary, undertake further literature search on any particular problem of interest.

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Yovanovich J. Packag June, In Memoriam: Erastus H. Lee J. Mech July, In Memoriam: David P. Kendall — J. Pressure Vessel Technol August, Mech March, Close Modal.

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Composites science and technology journal abbreviation

Hurst Abstract. Progress of silicon carbide fibers and their application to ceramic matrix composites , Michio Takeda Abstract. Ceramic composites for high temperature aerospace structures and propulsion systems , David Marshall, Olivier Sudre, and Brian Cox Abstract. Kiser et al, Joseph E. Grady, Craig E. Smith, Roy M. Sullivan, Valerie L.

Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Help expand a public dataset of research that support the SDGs. Composites Science and Technology publishes refereed original articles on the fundamental and applied science of composites. CSTE encourages manuscripts reporting unique, innovative CSTE encourages manuscripts reporting unique, innovative contributions to the materials science, physics, chemistry and applied mechanics aspects of advanced composites. Besides traditional fiber reinforced composites, novel composites with significant potential for engineering applications are encouraged.

PDF | On Jan 1, , P. Wambua and others published Composites Science and Technology | Find, read and cite all the research you need.

Composites Science and Technology — Template for authors

Kishore, K. Senol, P. Parrikar and A. Irine, N, J. LeBlanc and A.

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Composites Science and Technology

Due to their special properties such as high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, high ductility, high thermal strength, thermal insulation capability, composite materials have been widely used in various industries such as aerospace, marine, construction, etc. Today, scientific journals have played an important role in the development of knowledge and the advancement of theoretical, experimental and laboratory sciences, and have created a bridge between scientists, researchers, and people in industries. As a result of this relations, scientific achievements have been transferred to the industrial sectors of the country, and by improving the level of production and commercialization of products, they will lead to the economic progress of the country. Dozens of journals in this specialized field in the world publish scientific and research articles by researchers. Due to the lack of the specialized journals in the field of composites in the Persian language in Iran and the need to publish the findings of researchers, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran Composites Scientific Association and the Center of Excellence in Experimental Solid Mechanics in established the Journal of Science and Technology of Composites.

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