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difference between fir and iir filters pdf

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As against IIR is a type of filter that generates impulse response of infinite duration for a dynamic system. Here we are talking about finite and infinite impulse response. But what is impulse response? So, basically, we know that the response of a system defines the behaviour of the system according to the variation in the external parameters associated with the system.

Introduction to Filters: FIR versus IIR

If you found this web page because you Googled "the difference between FIR and IIR", then it is likely you have already seen numerous other web pages on this subject and you are still trying to get a clear answer to your question. Because of the way FIR filters can be synthesized, virtually any filter response you can imagine can be implemented in an FIR structure as long as tap count isn't an issue. For example, Butterworth and Chebyshev filters can be implemented in FIR, but you may need a large number of taps to get the desired response. So we generally use prototypes other than the s domain polynomials as prototypes for FIR filters. As another example, if you want a band pass filter with two pass bands, or a band pass filter with specific phase properties, an FIR can do the job with no problem. IIR filters on the other hand are essentially restricted to the well defined responses that can be achieved from the s domain polynomials such as the Butterworth. It is quite difficult to synthesize a user defined filter in an IIR structure.

For example, when linearity of phase is an issue, an FIR filter is a better choice because an IIR filter achieves its computational efficiency at the cost of nonlinear phase. In general the FIR design problem is easier to control in a wide range of practical situations. An FIR filter is able to provide pure linear-phase characteristics. It also can accurately approximate arbitrary frequency-response characteristics. Even though a non-recursive design typically needs a large number of coefficients, it is inherently stable because it does not involve feedback. The following illustration depicts the difference equation and implementation structure for a transposed FIR filter.

They are used to alter the frequency content of a time signal by either reducing or amplifying certain frequencies. For example, as shown in Figure 1 , a low pass filter affects frequency content in a signal in three different ways: Some frequency content remains unchanged, while other frequency content is either reduced in amplitude or removed entirely from the signal. Figure 1: A low pass filter passes low frequencies unaltered left and removes high frequencies right. Filters can also amplify frequency content, not just reduce or remove it. The amount that a filter adjusts the amplitude of a signal can be expressed in either linear terms i.

Difference between Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) & Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters

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Difference Between IIR and FIR Filters

IIR filters are difficult to control and have no particular phase, whereas FIR filters make a linear phase always possible. FIR filters are helpful to achieve fractional constant delays. FIR filters are dependent upon linear-phase characteristics, whereas IIR filters are used for applications which are not linear. FIR filters are used for tapping of a higher-order, and IIR filters are better for tapping of lower-orders, since IIR filters may become unstable with tapping higher-orders. FIR filters are more widely in use, because they differ in response.

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Digital filters are of two types. FIR Digital Filter. FIR system has finite duration unit sample response. FIR systems are non recursive. Thus output of FIR filter depends upon present and past inputs.

Difference Between FIR Filter and IIR Filter

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Some comparisons between fir and iir digital filters Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to make comparisons between optimum, linear phase, finite impulse response FIR digital filters and infinite impulse response IIR digital filters which meet equivalent frequency domain specifications. The basis of comparison is, for the most part, the number of multiplications per sample required in the usual realizations of these filters — i. Comparisons are also made between group-delay equalized filters and linear phase FIR filters.

A digital filter is a mathematical algorithm that operates on a digital dataset e. Applications of this type of technology, include removing glitches from sensor data or even cleaning up noise on a measured signal for easier data analysis. But how do we choose the best type of digital filter for our application? As the names suggest, each type of filter is categorised by the length of its impulse response.

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