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Political instability may have far-reaching implications for economic performance.

Economic growth can be defined as the increase in the inflation-adjusted market value of the goods and services produced by an economy over time. Statisticians conventionally measure such growth as the percent rate of increase in real gross domestic product , or real GDP. Growth is usually calculated in real terms — i. Measurement of economic growth uses national income accounting.

Questioning economic growth

Political instability may have far-reaching implications for economic performance. This paper aims to analyze the impact of political instability on economic growth by focusing on the case of Jordan, a small country located in the Middle East, which represents a highly political instable region. The analysis is performed by regressing different indicators for internal and external political instability on economic growth for the period from to using the fully modified ordinary least squares approach.

Further, regarding the effect of the level of freedom, the authors find evidence for the so-called conflict perspective. This paper is original and relevant for two main reasons. First, it adds to the debate on the effects of political instability on economic growth, and hereby, disentangles the effects of internal and external political instability.

Second, it makes an important contribution by focusing on the case of Jordan, which has received little attention in the literature on political instability so far, even though political instability is a constant threat to the country.

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Political instability and its impact on economic growth: the case of Jordan

Posted on February 25, Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Tracking price changes of locally produced goods, the PPIs cover the following industries: manufacturing; water and electricity; mining and quarrying; and agriculture, forestry and fishing. Posted on February 19, Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Posted on February 17, Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Posted on February 12, Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Inflation for was the lowest in 16 years and the second lowest in 51 years The December Consumer Price Index CPI release concludes the data points for the entire calendar year. Posted on January 20, Facebook Twitter Linkedin.

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PDF | As the theory of economy began to mature, unemployment and economic growth became one of the fundamental macroeconomic.

Economic growth

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Financial Deepening to Support Monetary Stability and Sustainable Economic Growth

Despite substantial policy support, global GDP in is projected to contract by 5.

Questioning economic growth

JEL Codes: O5. Banking system stability and economic sustainability: A panel data analysis of the effect of banking system stability on sustainability of some selected developing countries[J]. Quantitative Finance and Economics, , 3 4 :

There is fairly consistent evidence of a correlation between low levels of economic development and state fragility. However, there is less comprehensive literature available looking at the role economic growth has played in helping countries break out of fragility. The strength and basis of the economy are important factors affecting the stability and resilience of states, yet are often an under-emphasised aspect of statebuilding. Economic factors identified in the literature that can offer opportunities to transition out of fragility include:. Economic factors identified in the literature that can offer opportunities to transition out of fragility include: Employment and job creation: There is some, albeit limited, evidence that links unemployment to instability. Some of the commonly cited elements for sustainable job creation in fragile states include an enabling framework, a consultative process that involves social dialogue, and the adoption of market development and supply chain approaches. Infrastructure development: The relationship between infrastructure and state fragility is unclear, with little evidence to suggest that infrastructure investment plays a significant role in the processes of stabilisation.

Balancing Financial Stability, Innovation, And Economic Growth

Computer Economics provides metrics for IT management. Uploaded by. They wish to inculcate non-economic motives in the cadets so that they have the same goals as the U. Conventional transport economic evaluation tends to recognize some of these impacts but overlook others.

There are two contradictory answers to the question in the title. The first is the good growth hypothesis : economic growth generates higher incomes, which should make people approve of the government. Hence growth generates stability.

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Economic growth and fragility

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Financial Stability and Economic Growth

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In an effort to understand better the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution — a technology-led transformation that is fundamentally altering the way people work, live and relate to one another — the World Economic Forum has prioritized a review of the financial system through the launch of a new initiative: Balancing Financial Stability, Innovation, and Economic Growth FSIEG.

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Economic stability enables other macro-economic objectives to be achieved, such as stable prices and stable and sustainable growth.

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However, few studies have tried to explain how the link between financial development and economic growth works during periods of financial instability.