Eddies Stream And Convergence Zones In Turbulent Flows Pdf

eddies stream and convergence zones in turbulent flows pdf

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Published: 08.04.2021

In computational fluid dynamics, there is an inevitable trade off between accuracy and computational cost.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shizuoka University. In this study, the direct numerical simulation DNS for homogeneous shear turbulence in the system rotating along the streamwise direction is fulfilled. Due to the rotation effect, the turbulence energy becomes small during the initial short time and the Reynolds shear stress are suppressed more strongly with increasing the system angular velocity. Since the redistribution related to the rotation and pressure-strain terms of the Reynolds normal stress is weakened by the streamwise rotation, the anisotropy of the normal stresses is strengthened. In the strong rotation case the anisotropy of the velocity spectra is strong in the whole wavenumber region in contrast with the isotropy of the non-rotating case in the large one. From the viewpoints of the probability density function PDF for the vorticity vector angle and visualization for the vortex structure, we find that the vortex structures become large and stand in a line by the streamwise rotation axis.

Manuscript received July 11, ; final manuscript received August 19, ; published online October 30, Editor: David Wisler. Rehill, B. October 30, January ; 1 :

Understanding vortex identifiication criteria

Robert D. Xiaohua Wu, Ph. Research Council Sourabh V. Eric S.

Turbulence and Coherent Structures pp Cite as. Dynamical coherent structures are isolated regions where the vorticity is large and has a characteristic form and which have their own dynamical life and could exist in isolation Hussain One approach to analyzing the dynamics of CS is to consider how typical forms of these vortex structures interact with each other and with the ambient shear flow. In the absence of a general theory for covering most kinds of vortex interaction it will be necessary to conduct many such computations to obtain general concepts from them some aspect of these dynamical interaction were reviewed by Hunt a,b. Different definitions have been given for these structures based on different properties such as orthogonality, peak velocity, Reynolds stress, strain rate versus vorticity, pressure, etc. Such a classification has practical aspects, such as the identification of straining and recirculating regions which are significant for mixing, surface deformation, reaction, etc.

The C and streaming (S) zones were defined in order to define the whole flow field. It is concluded that homogeneous and sheared turbulent flow fields are made.

The emergence of characteristic (coherent?) motion in homogeneous turbulent shear flows

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Eddies, streams, and convergence zones in turbulent flows


Antonella A.


The low-pressure vortex analysis is performed for the study of dynamical properties of tubular vortices in turbulence.

Milba B.


In fluid dynamics , an eddy is the swirling of a fluid and the reverse current created when the fluid is in a turbulent flow regime.