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Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. As understood, achievement does not recommend that you have astonishing points. My Rubb is Allah Who has created me and all that exists.

Its aim includes also making a plan for the propagation of the word of God and leading the execution of that plan. Here's a Bible study quiz from Galatians chapters 1 and 2. Aalukal Agrahikkaatha Panam Q2. Category: Pendidikan. And the people, too, performed the 'Umra and Hajj along with the Prophet.

Muslims and Islam Knowledge Quiz

Speak now. This is the second largest religious group in the entire world and the fastest growing among the major religions right now. It is present all around the world, from Sub-Saharan Africa to Indonesia. Islam is the topic of our current quiz and we have a large number of questions on this religion. Are you aware of the major events in the history of Islam? Have you read the Quran? Answer a few samples first: What is the name of the last Prophet of God in Islam?

What are the names of the five pillars of Islam? Show us how much you know about Islam and score maximum points. This is an Islamic Quiz testing your general knowledge of Islam. There is a General Knowledge Part 2 next to this quiz.

It is much more difficult, but please try it out. Sample Question. Arkanal Islam. Qadr ul Islam. Fi Amanillah. Yusuf Islam. Islamic General Knowledge Quiz: Trivia! There are six articles of faith in Islam, which are basic beliefs that one must have to be considered a true Muslim. Do you want to test how much you know about the Islamic religion? This is Part-2 of the Islamic Quiz Abu Bakr. Islamiat: Teachings Of Islam Quiz! Are you familiar with the teachings of Islam?

Do you think you can pass this quiz? The basic teachings of Islam are called the Five Pillars of Faith and comprise faith, prayer, fasting during Ramadan, and making the pilgrimage to Cave Hira. Cave Saur. Mount Uhad. Shia Islam Quiz! Imam Ali A. Imam Mehdi A. Imam Hasan Mujtaba A. Imam Ali Naqi A. Quiz: Islamic Studies Practice Questions! Islam is a religion of peace and over 1. There are five pillars of practices that should be undertaken with the best of effort in order to be considered a true Al-Asma al-husna.

Al- Qabid. Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram. What is the difference between Islam and the Nation of Islam? Islam is the second-largest religion in the world. This religion is based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, as revealed in the Holy Qur'an. Followers of Islam believe in the existence of one God whom they call Allah.

They also believe in some of. What is the difference between Kosher and Halal? Kosher and Halal are both ritual laws used by both Jews and Muslims. While the two terms are similar in some ways, most especially in terms of meaning, there are, however, some differences between the two.

One of the major differences between the two. Who was the first Sahabi to recite Quran aloud to Quraysh? Abdullah Ibn Masud, even though from Makkah, spent most of his time outside the city as a shepherd. He accepted the Islam faith when he was still a youth and made a devotion in serving the Messenger of Allah. He was also one of the best in reciting. Most Popular. Recently Updated. Beginner's Quiz On Islam: Trivia!

An Arabic word meaning submission and surrender to the will of God. Not only a religion, but a complete way of life. To live in peace with the Creator, one's self, and with other people. All of the above. None of the above.

Ultimate Questions On Islam: Quiz! Islam Practice Test: Quiz! Most historians believe that Islam originated in Mecca at the start of the 7th century.

For Muslims, the Quran, in its original Arabic, is considered the unaltered and final revelation of God. There is much that one can learn by Masjid ul Nabwi. Masjid ul Haram. Masjid ul Aqsa. Masjid ul Quba. Test Your Islamic Knowledge! Trivia Quiz. Reliance on a central, dominant military leader. Military tactics dependent upon cavalry and siege.

Independent division of territories as a solution to succession. Lack of a clearly designated successor to the imperial throne.

Basic Of Islam Quiz: Trivia! A person who believes in one god and his last prophet. An Arab. A teacher. Islam Knowledge Test For 7th Grade! The Muslim house of worship. The fifth Pillar of Faith. Physical struggle with spiritual significance. Are you looking for the Ultimate Trivia on Hadith? Look no further as the one below is perfect for helping you review all that you have been taught at the mosque and will help you understand some other aspects too.

Do give it a This only applies to someone travelling to Hajj. However, helping him hoist his belongings up onto it is not charity. This has the additional benefit of being from ihsaan in worship too. It may be a reason for that person to be loved by Allaah.

Islam, after Christianity, is the most practiced religion in the whole world. The principles guiding how a Muslim is expected to behave and practice their faith can be mainly found Saudi Arabia. General Knowledge Islam Quiz. Test your knowledge of Islam. Ali ibn Abi Talib. Zayd ibn Harithah. Below is an Islam trivia: how much you know?

SIMPLIFIED ISLAMIC QUIZ 300 Islamic Questions and answers for seekers of knowledge

Answer: A fatwa is a decision issued by a judicial scholar. Question: Which of the following is the largest Muslim country in the world by population? Answer: Indonesia is the largest Muslim country by population. Question: Which of the following is the largest minority group in Islam? Question: Mecca is the holiest city in Islam and the focus of the pilgrimage, or hajj, that every Muslim strives to make at least once in life. Which of the following is the third holiest city in Islam? Answer: Jerusalem is considered a holy city, though Mecca and Medina, respectively, are first and second in eminence.

Quiz Questions. Answers. Qur`aan. 1. Is it that there is not even a single word or dot that was added 45 In which year the Islamic calendar began? AD.

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Blog About Us Contact. As understood, achievement does not recommend that you have astonishing points. Test your knowledge of Islam using our interactive online quiz system.

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Fun and interactive. Hira guha ulla mala? Regional Website.

It is about asking Allah for help and how Allah will give us what we ask for because He loves us. KG - 5th. Religious Studies.

Muslims are the second-largest religious group in the world, and they have a growing presence in the West. Yet our surveys indicate that relatively few people in the U. Test your knowledge of Muslims and Islam by taking our question quiz. The questions in this quiz come from our email mini-course that explores the demographics, beliefs and opinions of Muslims in the U. Take the quiz and share your results with us on Twitter PewResearch.

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