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Though Windows 10 is the upgraded version of Windows, a lot of keyboard shortcuts have been retained from the previous version, but certain new shortcuts which are specific to Windows 10 features are added. Now, In command prompt CMD type this command.

Tips to Help You Get the Most out of Windows 10

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When it comes to word processing, Microsoft Word is the gold standard. As part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, more than one billion computer users rely on the program every day. Even though so many consumers use Microsoft Word, not everyone knows how to maximize the capabilities of the program. Word is packed with a multitude of features that can help make the creation of documents, reports, and text files easier. And when your day-to-day work becomes easier, you become more productive and more efficient — which should be the ultimate goal of any piece of software. Below are 10 of our favorite shortcuts, tips, tricks, and timesavers to supercharge your use of Microsoft Word. Most of these suggestions work with all versions of Word, but some are exclusive to newer versions like Word , , or for Mac.

Now that you're part of the family, you've got a world of powerful features and productivity tools at your fingertips. With personalization settings and new features, you can tailor your experience for your lifestyle. Save energy by selecting the battery icon in the Windows taskbar, then move the slider to adjust the Power Mode for better performance or better battery life. Create your best work with the latest versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and keep your files safe and always accessible with OneDrive. Enjoy extra peace of mind for your new Surface with hardware protection, accidental damage coverage, and two years of technical support.

Make Your Own PC Tricks and Tips – 4th Edition 2020

We've compiled seven tips by tech expert and author Ed Bott to help you manage your Windows apps even better. He is an award-winning technology writer with more than two decades of experience writing for mainstream media outlets and online publications. If you've used Windows for long enough, your muscle memory probably takes you straight to the F8 key when you want to interrupt startup and troubleshoot a problem in Safe Mode. On modern hardware running Windows 10, however, that shortcut doesn't work. One of the most effective ways to share information is with the ubiquitous PDF file format.

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You don't need to be a Harry Potter series maniac or Hercule Poirot to be interested in uncovering secrets, hidden tricks and son, we are all in one way or another obsessed with secretes and uncovering them! Now with the release of Windows 10, we have a marvelous opportunity to fulfill this fiery desire! There are tons of tips and features about 10, hidden or barely missed, that can boost your experience with your Windows 10 device.

10 Tips and Tricks to Become a Master of Microsoft Word

Many hardcore computer users might consider themselves above learning new tricks, but there are always new ways to sharpen your skills on the PC and we bet that you will find at least one useful thing here that you didn't know before. We've compiled some of the most handy computer tricks you should be taking advantage of. The ultimate goal is to help you become more productive by shaving valuable seconds off your workflow. Of course, you can always pass along these tips to your not-so-savvy friends and family members to help them become better PC users as well.

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pdf. ”.exe” means it is an executable program e.g. bobsnail.org is the Microsoft Word program. Note: Your PC may have a setting that does not allow you to view​.

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