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vmware esxi planning implementation and security pdf

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Vmware Esxi : List of security vulnerabilities

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Acknowledgments A book typically carries one name on the cover, but in reality it would not be possible without so many people. My virtualization journey started with VMware Workstation 3. In that community I was able to learn so much from others and in turn contribute back to others as they started their own journeys. Also, thank you to John Troyer, who has contributed his leadership to this community and the VMware vExpert program.

In addition, thanks to the numerous VMware Communities moderators, both past and present, who have contributed to making the forums such a wonderful community to be a part of. The staff at Cengage Learning has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would like to thank Heather Hurley for her support, Andy Saff and Sue Boshers who worked to ensure that my mistakes did not make it past the editing process, and in particular Karen Gill who has guided me through this entire process.

I would like to thank Charu Chaubal from VMware for contributing his time to provide the technical review for this book.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family for their support. Dave was awarded the vExpert status by VMware in and He is a coauthor of vSphere 4. Configuring the DCUI. Chapter 3 Management Tools. Viewing Resource Allocation. Viewing Events and System Logs. Auditing Tech Support Mode.

Exploring the File System. Understanding System Backups and Restores. It has been steadily growing in popularity since it was released in the free VMware vSphere Hypervisor edition. With the release of vSphere 4. These users may have some experience with ESXi but not yet have it deployed within their production environment. This book provides the guidance to implement ESXi in their environment, ensuring a smooth transition from their current deployment of ESX.

New for ESXi 4. Virtualization was introduced in the s to allow applications to share and fully utilize centralized computing resources on mainframe systems. Through the s and s, virtualization fell out of favor as the low-cost x68 desktops and servers established a model of distributed computing. The broad use of Linux and Windows solidified x86 as the standard architecture for server computing. This model of computing introduced new management challenges, including the following: n Lower server utilization.

As x86 server use spread through organizations, studies began to find that the average physical utilization of servers ranged between 10 and 15 percent. Organizations typically installed only one application per server to minimize the impact of updates and vulnerabilities rather than installing multiple applications per physical host to drive up overall utilization.

As x86 servers proliferated through information technology IT organizations, the operational costs—including power, cooling, and facilities—increased dramatically for servers that were not being fully utilized. The increase in server counts also added management complexity that required additional staff and management applications.

Although the move to a distributed computing model provided freedom and flexibility to end users and the applications they use, this model increased the management and security load on IT departments. IT staff faced numerous challenges, including conforming desktops to corporate security policies, installing more patches, and dealing with the increased risk of security vulnerabilities.

In , VMware released VMware Workstation, which was designed to run multiple operating systems OSs at the same time on desktop systems. A person in a support or development type position might require access to multiple OSs or application versions, and prior to VMware Workstation, this would require using multiple desktop systems or constantly restaging a single system to meet immediate needs.

Workstation significantly reduced the hardware and management costs in such as scenario, as those environments could be hosted on a single workstation. Rather than requiring a host OS, ESX was installed directly onto the server hardware, eliminating the performance overhead, potential security vulnerabilities, and increased management required for a general server OS such as Linux or Windows.

The hypervisor of ESX, known as the VMkernel, was designed specifically to host virtual machines, eliminating significant overheard and potential security issues. The original version released with ESX 1. VirtualCenter Server provided centralized management for ESX hosts and included innovative features such as vMotion, which allowed for the migration of virtual machines between ESX hosts without interruption, and High Availability clusters.

ESXi 3. This would reduce the surface attack area of the hypervisor level, make patching less frequent, and potentially decrease power requirements if ESXi could be run in an embedded form.

Concerns about the security of PXE led to a search for another solution, which was eventually determined to be the use of a flash device embedded within the host. For seasoned ESX administrators, the COS provided an important avenue for executing management scripts and troubleshooting commands.

With the release vSphere 4. Third-party vendors have also updated applications to work with the vSphere application programming interface API that ESXi exposes for management purposes. VMware has also stated that vSphere 4. This chapter discusses the similarity of features and highlights some of the differences in configuring and using ESXi due to its architecture.

The chapters in this book review the aspects of installation, configuration, management, and security that are different with ESXi than they are when you manage your infrastructure with ESX.

The removal from its architecture results in a hypervisor without any general operating system dependencies, which improves reliability and security. All other processes run on top of the VMkernel, which controls all access to the hardware in the ESXi host. Executing above the VMkernel are numerous processes that provide management access, hardware monitoring, as well as an execution compartment in which a virtual machine operates. The virtual machine monitor VMM process is responsible for providing an execution environment in which the guest OS operates and interacts with the set of virtual hardware that is presented to it.

The hostd process provides a programmatic interface to the VMkernel. It is used by the vSphere API and for the vSphere client when making a direct management connection to the host.

The hostd process manages local user and groups as well as evaluates the privileges for users that are interacting with the host. The hostd also functions as a reverse proxy for all communications to the ESXi host. Third-party hardware vendors are able to develop their own hardware-specific CIM plug-ins to augment the hardware information that can be obtained from the host. The vpxa process is responsible for vCenter Server communications.

This process runs under the security context of the vpxuser. Commands and queries from vCenter Server are received by this process before being forwarded to the hostd process for processing. The syslog daemon is responsible for forwarding logging data to a remote syslog receiver. To enable management communication, ESXi opens a limited number of network ports. As mentioned previously, all network communication with the management interfaces is proxied 6 VMware ESXi: Planning, Implementation, and S ec urity via the hostd process.

All unrecognized network traffic is discarded and is thus not able to reach other system processes. The common ports including the following: n This port provides access to display only the static Welcome page. All other traffic is redirected to port This port acts as a reverse proxy to a number of services to allow for Secure Sockets Layer SSL encrypted communication. Remote console communication between the vSphere client and ESXi host is made over this port.

This agentless approach simplifies deployments and management upkeep. These provide a CLI and scripting capabilities in a more secure manner than accessing the console of a vSphere host. ESXi can be deployed in the following two formats: Embedded and Installable. You simply need to power on the host and configure your host as appropriate for your environment.

The DCUI can be used to configure the IP configuration for the management interface, to set a hostname and DNS configuration, and also to set a password for the root account. The host is then ready to join your virtual infrastructure for further configuration such as networking and storage.

This configuration can be accomplished remotely with a configuration script or features within vCenter Server such as Host Profiles or vNetwork Distributed Switches. With ESXi Embedded, a new host can be ready to begin hosting virtual machines within a very short time frame. New to ESXi 4. ESXi 4. The installation file permits scripts to be run pre-install, post-install, and on first boot.

To provide functionality that was previously available only in the COS, the vSphere client has been enhanced to allow configuration of such items as the following: n Time configuration. You can browse your datastores and manage files, including moving files between datastores and copying files from and to your management computer. You can create users and groups to be used to assign privileges directly to your ESXi host. The client option exports all system logs from ESXi for further analysis.

The commands execute with the exact same syntax with additional options added for authentication and to specify the host to run the commands against. PowerShell is an object-orientated scripting language designed to replace the traditional Windows command prompt and Windows Scripting Host.

This security feature ensures that the critical root account is not used for direct ESXi host configuration. The API integration model significantly reduces management overhead by eliminating the need to install and maintain software agents on your vSphere host.

The CIM providers are developed by VMware and hardware partners and function to provide management and monitoring access to the device drivers and hardware in the ESXi host.

Figure 1. Due to the firmware-like architecture of ESXi, keeping your systems up to date with patches and upgrades is far simpler than with ESX. With ESXi, you no longer need to review a number of patches and decide which is applicable to your ESX host; now each patch is a complete system image and contains all previously released bug fixes and enhancements.

ESXi: Planning, Implementation, and Security

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ESXi: Planning, Implementation, and Security

A perfect guide for anyone new to the Virtualization space. Veteran users will be interested in the Operational Issues section. There are several virtualization technologies within the full realm of virtualization.

Uited Kigdom. Uited States. No part of this work covered by the copyright herei may be reproduced, trasmitted, stored, or used i ay form or by ay meas graphic, electroic, or mechaical, icludig but ot limited to photocopyig, recordig, scaig, digitizig, tapig, Web distributio, iformatio etworks, or iformatio storage ad retrieval systems, except as permitted uder Sectio or of the Uited States Copyright Act, without the prior writte permissio of the publisher. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owers. All images Cegage Learig uless otherwise oted.

VMware, Inc. It provides cloud computing and virtualization software and services.

Vmware Esxi : List of security vulnerabilities

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The book is perfect for current VMware VI3 and vSphere administrators who may be planning their migration to vSphere ESXi. These users may have some.

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