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Pakistan is a multi-party democracy. The country has many political parties and many times in past the country is ruled by coalition government. Two major parties were in Pakistan.

List of political parties in Pakistan

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Language Policy in Multilingual and Multicultural Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most populous countries with diversity in language and culture. Urdu is the national language and English is the official language. The only education language in most provinces is Urdu. However, most minority language speaker are discriminated and non-Urdu languages are a sign of stigma and poverty. Education must be in mother language, all small indigenous languages should have orthography and endangered languages must be revitalized. Intercultural communication can be improved by help of media and encouraging and motivating people to learn other provinces languages. Overall, mutual intelligibility should be encouraged and enhanced in order to introduce different cultures to people.

Pakistan Study Centres Almost all general universities have well-established language depart-ments in one or more Pakistani languages. The use of English favours the Westernized elite. Abstract This paper examines the present language policy of Pakistan and its consequences for the indigenous languages of the country. This resulted often This has resulted in the expression of ethnic identity through languages other than Urdu. Language, as a means of communication, has been studied from different perspectives for centuries.

When the Dominion of Pakistan was formed after the separation of the Indian subcontinent in when the British left, it was composed of various ethnic and linguistic groups, with the geographically non-contiguous East Bengal province having a mainly Bengali population. In , the Government of the Dominion of Pakistan ordained Urdu as the sole national language, sparking extensive protests among the Bengali-speaking majority of East Bengal. Facing rising sectarian tensions and mass discontent with the new law, the government outlawed public meetings and rallies. The students of the University of Dhaka and other political activists defied the law and organised a protest on 21 February The movement reached its climax when police killed student demonstrators on that day. The deaths provoked widespread civil unrest.

PDF | On Feb 1, , Ayesha Jalal and others published Language and Politics in Pakistan | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.

Language and Politics in Pakistan

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Bengali language movement

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The language question has always spawned activism and antagonism in Pakistan in, perhaps, equal measures. On one end of the spectrum, there are parties which accord primary importance to ethnic identity and language as building blocks for political representation. Those who place ethnic and linguistic identity above any other marker of identity are usually, but not exclusively, known as nationalists.

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PDF | This is the first detailed study of the history of language policies and practices among the Muslims of north India and Pakistan. It begins.

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This study aims to demonstrate the roles that domestic and foreign languages have played and play as signs of national or religious identity and social prestige and as tools of political and economic power in multilingual Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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