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Cooling System. Lubrication system. Power transmission system. Performance of Engine. Tractors and power tillers. Site news. Topic outline. View Profile. News forum. Lecture outline Page. Topic 1 Energy for agriculture. Energy for Agriculture Page. Human power Page. Animal power Page. Mechanical power Page. Electrical power Page. Renewable energy Page. Force, work, power and energy Page. Conversion factors Page. FAQ's Page. Power Point presentation. Topic 2 Combustion Engines.

Combustion Engines Page. Components of Engine Page. Power Point Presentation. Topic 3 Four stroke and two stroke engine. Principle of I. Engine Page. Working of I. Four Stroke Cycle Engine Page. Compression stroke Page. Power Stroke Page. Exhaust stroke Page. Two stroke cycle engine Page. First stroke Suction and Compression Page. Second stroke Power and Exhaust Page.

Comparison between two stroke and four stroke engine Page. Topic 4 Spark and compression ignition engines. Spark and compression ignition engines Page.

Spark ignition engine Petrol engine Page. Compression ignition engine Diesel engine Page. Special features of diesel engine Page. Comparison between Compression ignition engine and Petrol ignition engine Page. Power Point Presentataion. Topic 5 Cooling System.

Cooling System Page. Effect of high temperature in the engine Page. Purpose of cooling Page. Methods of cooling the engine Page. Air cooling system Page. Water cooling system Page. Open jacket or hopper method Page. Thermo syphon method Page. Forced Circulation method Page. Pressurized cooling Page. The different parts of the forced circulation method Page. Cooling system troubles Page. Care and maintenance of cooling system Page. Topic 6 Lubrication system. Lubrication system Page. Purpose of lubrication system Page.

Types of Lubricants Page. Properties of lubricating oil Page. Engine lubrication system Page. Petro-oil lubrication system Page. Splash lubrication system Page. Forced feed or pressure lubrication system Page. Combination of splash and forced feed system Page. Parts of lubrication system Page. Troubles in lubrication system Page. Care and maintenance of lubrication system Page.

Topic 7 Power transmission system. Power transmission system Page. Functions of power transmission system Page. Clutch Page. Types of clutch Page. Gear and gear box Page. Differential unit and final drive Page. Differential lock Page. Final drive Page. Topic 8 Performance of Engine.

Engine performance Page. Problems Page. Topic 9 Tractors and power tillers. Tractor Page. Tractor Development Page. Classification of tractor Page. Characteristics of a good tractor Page. Components of a tractor Page. Selection of Tractor Page. Precautions to be taken before starting of a tractor Page. Method of starting and stopping a diesel tractor Page.

Outlets of a tractor Page. Power tiller Page. Components of power tiller Page. Parts of a power tiller Page. Transmission of Power in a power tiller Page. Topic 10 Electric motors. Introduction Page.

Machinery Management

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Farm Power and Machinery Management PDF

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Agricultural machinery relates to the mechanical structures and devices used in farming or other agriculture. There are many types of such equipment , from hand tools and power tools to tractors and the countless kinds of farm implements that they tow or operate. Diverse arrays of equipment are used in both organic and nonorganic farming. Especially since the advent of mechanised agriculture , agricultural machinery is an indispensable part of how the world is fed. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution and the development of more complicated machines, farming methods took a great leap forward.

Agricultural machinery

The latest, extensively updated edition of Farm Power and Machinery Management continues the tradition of providing students, farmers, farm operators, and farm managers with comprehensive information on how to properly manage and optimize the use of mechanized equipment to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Farm Machinery Books

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Tractor-Implement Systems pp Cite as. Machinery management is recognized as being important in reducing the cost of crop production. Von Bargen and Cunney suggested that over one-third of crop production costs can be attributed to machinery operation. There are, however, obvious difficulties inherent in any proposal to determine machinery requirements. The selection of farm machinery, and decisions relating to replacement will be based on some economic criteria, and yet the absolute cost of a machine can only be determined after its replacement. This means that although we cannot be specific in presenting machinery selection criteria, reasonable estimations can be made. Unable to display preview.

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Problem Solving. Farm Power and Machinery Farm Powe. The Department of Farm Machinery and Power, Faculty of Agricultural FMPE 2 (2+0) Energy.

Farm Power And Machinery Management Pdf

Cooling System. Lubrication system. Power transmission system. Performance of Engine. Tractors and power tillers.

Farm Power and Machinery Management. Lowa State Prest , pp. Power requirement and fuel consumption for the implements and operations.

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