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The ultimate responsibility for the treatment of patients and the interpretation lies with the medical practitioner. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and the inclusion in this book of information relating to a particular product, method or technique does not amount to an endorsement of its value or quality, or of the claims made by its manufacturer. Every effort has been made to check drug dosages; however, it is still possible that errors have occurred. Furthermore, dosage schedules are constantly being revised and new side-effects recognised.

A Bailey and Love MCQs and EMQs in Surgery 2nd ed

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Khoo Hui Wen. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. To Amit, for his endless patience and support over the years. To Aiya, with love. TSdSTo my parents, wife, and brothers for their constant encouragement and support. ZMMTo Sri Thrumurthy, the lead author of this project, whose focus, passion and enthusiasm helped us compile this resource; this endeavour would not have materialised without his great commitment and motivation.

Although a thorough understanding of the essential principles of surgery should be obtained from core textbooks and clinical experience, it is vital for candidates to actively recall, apply, and thereby reinforce their knowledge by attempting sample questions in the lead-up to the examination.

As the new format of the Part A paper de-emphasizes the traditional basic science disciplines and accentuates an integrated approach, these books will contain a substantial number of patient-based questions or clinical vignettes that will enable prospective candidates to test their ability to integrate key basic science concepts with relevant clinical problems. Despite our attempt to comprehensively span the syllabus of the MRCS examination, it needs to be acknowledged that encompassing the full breadth and depth of all curricular topics is beyond the scope of this series.

It is hence suggested that these books are used in conjunction with timehonoured surgical textbooks and used as a complementary resource rather than to supplement the reading material recommended by the Royal Colleges of Surgeons. The detailed approach that these books undertake will not only serve MRCS candidates but will also be an appropriate revision aide for higher surgical trainees preparing for their intercollegiate speciality exit examinations.

In addition, although the depth and breadth of this series' content surpasses that of typical undergraduate surgical curricula, these books will nevertheless be an ideal tool for the fervent medical student pursuing an 'honours' or 'distinction' grade in his or her surgical fi nals.

We sincerely wish all readers the very best of success in their surgical examinations and careers. The explanation following each question aims to span the breadth and depth of the subject matter without overlapping with other explanations of similar themes. The diverse layout and level of detail included within the questions and their explanations will serve to help candidates tackle the MRCS Part A examination by allowing eff ective self-assessment of knowledge and quick identifi cation of key areas requiring further attention.

We have formatted the questions to encompass various subtypes of questioning modalities to eff ectively guide candidates through the revision process.

These modalities include 'clinical case' questions or 'clinical vignettes' i. The questions posed within these books will off er more thorough and detailed explanations than the majority of preparatory material currently available on the market. This is imperative because market research demonstrates that the vast majority of MRCS candidates are disappointed with the degree of description off ered by most MRCS practice questions currently available i.

We are confi dent that this series, when used in conjunction with the recommended reading material of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons, will ensure the success of every candidate attempting the MRCS Part A examination. For each of the following situations, select the single most likely diagnosis from the options listed. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all. An year-old girl is referred by her general practitioner GP to the Orthopaedic outpatient clinic with a 6-month history of lower back pain.

Her parents state that she is a keen gymnast and believe that her symptoms may have been brought on by her undertaking excessive gymnastics activities. On examination, she is noted to have a mild degree of kyphosis and a palpable step deformity of her lumbar vertebrae. Straight leg raise is reduced and she experiences shooting pains along the distribution of the 5th lumbar nerve root when this manoeuvre is performed. A year-old forklift driver with no signifi cant past medical history presents to the Emergency Department with severe lower back pain of sudden onset following lifting a heavy object whilst at work.

He also complains of shooting pains down the back of his right buttock and thigh, but no bowel symptoms or urinary symptoms. Examination reveals paravertebral muscle spasm and a global reduction in spinal movements. A year-old man presents to his GP with a 6-week history of pain and stiff ness in his lower back.

He denies any previous trauma, although he believes that he may have sprained his back whilst playing squash a few weeks previously. Examination reveals a kyphotic posture, mild tenderness over the lower lumbar vertebrae, and restricted spinal movements in all directions. Plain radiography of the spine reveals an unstable fracture of the 4th lumbar vertebra.

Initial serological investigations reveal a raised erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR and positive human leucocyte antigen HLA -B27 antigen level. He also describes bilateral sore eyes and intermittent dysuria.

Examination reveals a mild eff usion within his right knee and generalized joint tenderness with restricted movements. Vesicles and pustules are noted over the soles of his feet, whilst examination of his eyes suggests conjunctivitis. Further questioning of the patient reveals that he had unprotected sexual intercourse eight weeks previously. A year-old policeman presents to his GP with a fi rm, symmetrically raised, and sharply delineated black patch over the volar aspect of his right distal forearm.

Further questioning reveals that the lesion occasionally itches and bleeds. Common surgical conditions and2. An year-old man presents to his GP with an irregularly shaped, brown patch over his left cheek. Examination reveals thickening and development of a discrete cutaneous nodule. A year-old farmer presents to his GP with a 2-month history of a rapidly-growing, solitary, fl eshy, and elevated nodule over his left cheek. Examination reveals a fi rm, non-pigmented nodule with a hyperkeratotic core.

For each of the following situations, select the single most likely structure to be damaged from the options listed. The assessment and management of the surgical patient: Surgical history and examination A year-old athlete presents to his GP with a hour history of wrist drop after falling off his cycle onto his left arm at high speed. He has no collateral injuries but cannot recall the exact details of the impact of his fall. Examination reveals altered sensation over the anatomical snuff box, and an inability to extend the fi ngers at the metacarpophalangeal joints, of the left hand.

All the refl exes in his left upper limb are normal. A year-old medical student is seen in the Emergency Department after being hit by a cyclist on her left arm.

She describes pain and severe weakness of her left hand. Examination reveals diminished power of extension at the left elbow, wrist and fi ngers, as well as sensory loss over the left dorsal forearm, and an absent triceps refl ex. A year-old prison warden is seen by the prison's doctor with a deep laceration to his right wrist from being slashed with a knife by an inmate.

Examination reveals a weakness of fi nger abduction and pincer-grip, as well as diminished sensation over the ring and little fi ngers, on the aff ected side. For each of the following situations, select the single most likely postoperative complication from the options listed.

A year-old woman undergoes an uncomplicated laparoscopic cholecystectomy. When the patient is reviewed fourteen hours after the procedure, her temperature is observed to be Her vital signs are otherwise normal and examination reveals a soft and mildly tender abdomen. A year-old man with no signifi cant past medical history undergoes a right hemicolectomy for a Dukes' A colorectal tumour. He complains of signifi cant pain fortyeight hours after the procedure, and is coughing up small amounts of white sputum.

Examination of his chest reveals decreased expansion, dullness to percussion and reduced air entry to both lung bases. An obese year-old truck driver undergoes an elective total hip replacement. Examination of his chest, abdomen and operation site are largely unremarkable but his right calf is swollen and tender.

A lead electrocardiogram reveals atrial fi brillation and chest radiography is normal. For each of the following questions, select the single most likely answer related to the diagnosis or management of burns, from the options listed. Assessment and management of patients with trauma including the multiply injured patient : Burns and skin loss 1.

A year-old lady suff ers burns to her skin from a house fi re. The paramedics note that a large proportion of her burnt skin appears pale and leathery, and is numb to touch. What type of burn is this? A year-old fi reman sustains multiple burns to his entire back, left arm and left thigh.

The Emergency Department physician wishes to estimate the patient's total burn surface area prior to initiating fl uid resuscitation. A year-old chef is assessed in the Emergency Department after sustaining multiple burns to his upper body during an accident in the kitchen.

The Emergency Department physician calculates the amount of fl uid need for resuscitation in the fi rst 12 hours using the Muir and Barclay formula. For each of the following descriptions, select the single most likely causative organism from the options listed.

Basic and applied sciences: Microbiology 1. A year-old man undergoes a sigmoid colectomy for a tumour of the sigmoid colon. Histopathology reveals a well-diff erentiated adenocarcinoma of the colon infi ltrating the submucosa, with no evidence of lymph node involvement.

There is no evidence of distant metastasis. A year-old female undergoes a total colectomy and ileorectal anastomosis for a proliferative growth in the ascending colon, which was partially occluding the lumen.

Multiple colonic polyps were incidentally identifi ed during colonoscopy. Histopathological examination reveals a moderately diff erentiated adenocarcinoma of the colon infi ltrating the pericolic fat. Seven out of nine lymph nodes demonstrate malignant spread and the entire colon has multiple adenomatous polyps. An year-old man presents to the surgical outpatient clinic with a 2-week history of abdominal distension and pain. Examination reveals jaundice and ascites. Computed tomography CT scanning reveals circumferential thickening of sigmoid colon with multiple liver metastases and pelvic deposits.

The ascitic fl uid cytology is suggestive of adenocarcinoma. Perioperative care: Postoperative careA. Caecostomy B. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy PEG feeding C. Peripheral parenteral nutrition D. Total parenteral nutrition E.

MCQs and EMQs in Surgery: A Bailey & Love Revision Guide (2nd Edition) – eBook

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MCQs and EMQs in Surgery [Bailey & Love] (2nd Edition) PDF Free Download

Surgery is a complex subject. Mastering human anatomy is of fundamental importance when it comes to mastering surgery. There are numerous surgery textbooks which you can consult for improving your concepts and overall knowledge pertaining to important surgical procedures.

Download Bailey & Love’s MCQs and EMQs in Surgery PDF Free

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MCQs and EMQs – Single Best Answer

300 single best answers in clinical medicine pdf

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Lecture Notes: General Surgery

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Download Bailey & Love’s MCQs and EMQs in Surgery PDF Free

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