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The books total more than pages across the four volumes, and are bound in a plastic jacket.

Product History The Encyclopedia Magica, Volume Two , compiled and developed by Dale "slade" Henson and designed by an absurd number of authors and game designers, covers every magic item published between and Don't Wait for the Novelization. It's worth remembering that, despite being loaded down with flavor text, this is a reference book and not a supplement - i. None of the item descriptions have been edited, their rules haven't been adjusted to fit a particular rules set, and items might possibly be under- or more likely over-powered.

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The fourth volume contains an index to the entire set, and a complete magic item random determination table, and includes some of the most numerous categories with entries on swords, staves, and wands. Development and editing was by Doug Stewart. Ward, 'for laughing when he heard slade had this project'". In Dragon magazine June , Rick Swan stated that these reference books possess "a diligence on the part of the researchers that borders on the superhuman". He wrote that it was Mostly for completists and that the items presented in the fourth volume were often silly.

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RPG Reference Home. What's New Questions? Sell us your stuff! The list is organized by organized by TSR product code, the 4-digit code unless the product had a alphanumeric code assigned. I used this list back when I was first creating this website in , when there was very little information available online regarding some of TSR's more esoteric product lines.

Some are detailed; others are skimpy. We do not own the copyrights of this book. This is an very easy means to specifically … We just share the information for a better world. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. We are Sharing copy of this book available on internet with our reader's for education purpose only.

Credits Design; It is impossible to list all of the creators of the items cataloged in these volumes, but credit goes to everyone who has created a magic item in a module, boxed set, accessory, hardbound, or magazine article published in the last 20 years. Kerkstra Acknowledgments: L. Moore, Steven E. Schend, slade, Doug Stewart, and Georgia S. Stewart who supplied new and unique magical items. And, of course, James M.

encyclopedia magica volume 1 pdf

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Who Mad Norwegian Press. Henderson Toggle navigation. Midnight Books specializes in hard-to-find books in high demand by collectors. Typically, such issues are ardently supported and vehemently opposed by competing groups with enough voting power and influence to drive politicians to equivocation.

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Encyclopedia Magica Vol I

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Encyclopedia Magica (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons), Vol. 2:

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Сьюзан открыла рот, желая сказать, что она все понимает, но ее слова были заглушены внезапным пронзительным звуком. Тишина шифровалки взорвалась сигналом тревоги, доносившимся из служебного помещения ТРАНСТЕКСТА. Сьюзан и Стратмор в недоумении посмотрели друг на друга.

Джабба вздрогнул, и на руку ему упала шипящая капля жидкого олова. - Черт возьми! - Он отшвырнул паяльник и едва не подавился портативным фонариком.  - Дьявольщина. Джабба начал яростно отдирать каплю остывшего металла. Она отвалилась вместе с содранной кожей.

Encyclopedia Magica, Vol. 4: S-Z & Index Access

 Да, - в сердцах бросил Джабба.  - Шифр-убийца. Но единственный человек, которому известен ключ, мертв.

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 - Она улыбнулась и села напротив шефа. Стратмор был крупным кряжистым мужчиной, чье невыразительное лицо скрывало присущие ему решительность, настойчивость и неизменное стремление к совершенству. Серые глаза светились уверенностью, с которой сочеталась профессиональная скрытность, но сегодня в них проглядывали беспокойство и нерешительность. - У вас испуганный вид, - сказала Сьюзан. - Настали не лучшие времена, - вздохнул Стратмор.

Encyclopedia Magica (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons), Vol


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Encyclopedia Magica". Accessory. Credits. Design: It is impossible to list all of the creators of the items cataloged in these volumes, but credit goes to everyone.

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magical items—there is nothing that can't be added to the AD&D* game system. Throughout the year history of the D&D and AD&D game worlds, reams of.

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