Bridge Procedure Guide 2016 Pdf Free

bridge procedure guide 2016 pdf free

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Published: 02.08.2021

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Marine Tracker Tracker Archive. Safe navigation means that the ship is not exposed to unnecessary danger and that at all times the ship can be controlled within acceptable limits. To achieve safe navigation robust rules and procedures need to be in place.

Bridge Procedures Guide 2016

The ICS Bridge Procedures Guide is widely acknowledged as the principal industry guidance on safe bridge procedures, and is used by Masters, watchkeeping officers, companies and training institutions worldwide. The new edition continues to embrace internationally agreed standards and recommendations adopted by the IMO, and now addresses the amendments to the STCW Convention introducing enhanced Bridge Resource Management training for all officers in charge of the navigationa watch. The new edition also includes helpful bridge and emergency checklists, including comprehensive ECDIS familiarisation checklists. Particular attention has also been given to the importance of the passage planning process, including the safe and effective use of technology. It is strongly recommended that a copy of the Fifth Edition is carried on board every ship, and that copies are held within shipping company technical departments. The guide is available to purchase directly from the Marine Society Bookshop located here. You must be logged in to post a comment.

2016 Bridge Procedures Guide – 5th Edition

The new 5th edition supersedes the previous 4th edition issued in The Guide provides clear guidance on watchkeeping that make safe and effective use of modern technology. New equipment and technological advances in navigation like the use of ECDIS underline the importance of familiarization with ship specific arrangements. The Guide provides important and useful checklists for shipping companies and officers for proper bridge procedures. Important topics covered in this publication include:. The target audience of this Guide are Masters and officers in charge of a navigational watch at sea. We'll send you special deals, local news and special events.

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The latest release of the widely acknowledged and world popular marine industry Guide to the bridge procedures issued by ICS with the intention to provide such valuable guidance to the ship Masters, officers on watch, shipping companies and various training entities. The present publication is often referenced in the footnote of many IMO conventions. This is the revised edition of the Guide, that continues the established tradition to cover all internationally recognized industry standards as well as the recommendations that have been adopted by the IMO; moreover, this edition also addresses the amendments to the IMO STCW. This convention introduces the enhanced BRM standing for the Bridge Resource Management training for all ship officers who are considered to be in charge of the navigational watch. In addition, this volume contains the very useful bridge and emergency checklists that would be very helpful to the crew members, including the checklists for ECDIS familiarization.

2016 Bridge Procedures Guide – 5th Edition

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