Cia World Factbook 2018 Pdf Free Download

cia world factbook 2018 pdf free download

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CIA World Factbook in MS Excel format

The ultimate, comprehensive guide to country-by-country statistics around the world from the researchers and analysts at CIA. Here is complete information on the world's nations. This comprehensive guide is packed with data on the politics, populations, military expenditures, and economics of It includes: Detailed maps with new geopolitical data Statistics on the population of each country, with details on literacy rates, HIV prevalence, and age structure New data on military expenditures and capabilities Information on each country's climate and natural hazards Details on prominent political parties and contact information for diplomatic consultation Facts on transportation and communication infrastructure Also included are appendixes with useful abbreviations, international environmental agreements, international organizations and groups, weight and measure conversions, and more. Originally intended for use by government officials, this is a must-have resource for students, travelers, journalists, and business people with a desire to know more about their world. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Japan Terrorism information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Japan Terrorism should be addressed to the CIA. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of country information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Grenada Communications should be addressed to the CIA. This comprehensive guide is packed with data on the politics, populations, military expenditures, and economics of

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The data are collected in partnership with Gallup, Inc. The edition includes updated indicators on access to and use of formal and informal financial services. And it adds new data on the use of financial technology fintech , including the use of mobile phones and the internet to conduct financial transactions. Financial inclusion is on the rise globally. The Global Findex database shows that 1. Between and , the share of adults who have an account with a financial institution or through a mobile money service rose globally from 62 percent to 69 percent. In developing economies, the share rose from 54 percent to 63 percent.

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By Central Intelligence Agency. The country served as a buffer between the British and Russian Empires until it won independence from notional British control in A brief experiment in democracy ended in a coup and a communist countercoup.

Cia world factbook 2018 pdf

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The Global Findex Database 2017

It provides a summary of the demographics, geography, communications, government, economy and military of countries and other areas. It is frequently used as a resource for research publications and business market research. Introduction: Background , Preliminary statement. Government: Administrative divisions , Capital , Constitution , Country name , Dependency status , Dependent areas , Diplomatic representation from the US , Diplomatic representation in the US , Executive branch , Flag description , Government - note , Government type , Independence , International organization participation , Judicial branch , Legal system , Legislative branch , Member states , National holiday , Political parties and leaders , Political pressure groups and leaders , Political structure , Suffrage , Union name. Communications: Communications - note , Internet country code , Internet hosts , Internet users , Radio broadcast stations , Telephone system , Telephones - main lines in use , Telephones - mobile cellular , Television broadcast stations.

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